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  1. Same with me but mine is quite noisy now. It's driving me nuts!!!
  2. I done the update in the link and now everything is working fine. Thanks very much for your help.
  3. Thanks guys, thinking about it i dont think my contacts are on my sim card. I will transfer them over and try the update. if that wont work i will give my dealer a call.
  4. Im sure I read somewhere that the high pitched noises means a malfunction in the system.
  5. I have just purchased a fiesta tittainium 59 plate and Iam having trouble with the hands free phone. I have connected my Iphone 4s to the system but when i go to the phone book, its empty. Is there somthing im missing?
  6. I own a 2009 Fiesta Tittanium. Recently I hit a pot hole and like most people didnt have a spare wheel. My brother works for a motor parts shop and managed to get me a steel wheel. I have 16" aloy wheel and the spare steel wheel is 15". I have taken the spare and got a tyre put on and today when I got it out I realised the spare is now bigger than the 4 that is on the car. I know its a stupid question but is this ok or have I got to go back to the garage and tell them to change it. It dosn't fit in the boot all that well either.