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  1. Yup. Weirdly, the iPod works fine volume-wise just plugged in via Aux (but obviously that doesn't give full control from the stereo), and a normal USB stick also works fine, but when the iPod's in via aux and Apple cable the volume is totally screwed. HOWEVER.... just tried it with the iPod in an Apple dock, connected via Apple lead and aux, and it works fine... So it needed the dock (pre-amp)? Surely it shouldn't? Weird... Still, not bothered about how it works as long as it works!
  2. Hi, newbie here... Just picked up my new Fiesta Zetec last week (a 59-plate ex-demo), and when I attach my iPod using the apple connector and separate aux cable, I can see everything on the dashboard display, but even with all volume controls as loud as they'll go, I only get minimum sound from the stereo. It's fine for CDs/radio etc, just problematic with the iPod. Anyone else experienced this? Is it likely to be a software/firmware issue?