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  1. Mud Flaps

    What existing screw holes? I bought a set of those generic e-bay ones (someone linked to above) a while back, and they came saying you'd need to drill holes, cos I saw no ready made holes. Am I being thick?
  2. My 54 plate ST170 is starting to look more than a little nose heavy. What's the best option? Also considering a re-map, how well do they improve the 170?
  3. Chrome Cleaning?

    The foggers and exhaust on my ST170 are looking a little worse for wear, what's best for bringing them back up to scratch?
  4. Mudflaps

    OK, just got some Ford flaps for my FOcus, and have realised they need drilling. It looks like a real bugger of a job, is it really fiddly, will a garage do it for me?
  5. Focus St Cambelt Change?

    Aha, many thanks, exactly the info I needed.Camshaft drive belt Every 100 000 miles/10 years - Renew - (Zetec with auto-tensioner) (LTS 21 304 9)
  6. Focus St Cambelt Change?

    ST170 yes.
  7. Focus St Cambelt Change?

    When is the cambelt change due on a 54 plate Focus ST? I'm looking at one with 28k, but not been changed since new. Also how much should I expect to pay to replace it?
  8. Been looking at a car second hand. unfortunately it has a priuvate plate that the owner wants to keep. How does this work? What is the reg process for getting a normal reg for me? How long does it take?
  9. Best Back To Black Cleaner?

    Thanks for all the tips guys - well, except for the peanut butter
  10. Hi, just got an old Ka, and the bumpers need bringing back from their current pale grey. Any suggestions for the best stuff to use? I've tried Turtle Wax 'Black in a Flash', which isn;t bad, but the area above the exhaust has been stubbornly resisting. Any help appreciated.