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  1. My wife's 2008 1.6 tdci C-Max has begun starting in limp mode without an engine fault indicated, regardless of engine temperature. It will stubbornly stay in limp mode (my longest test with constant speed was 15 km from a warm start). If, however, I get it to normal temperature and then do an engine brake from, say 50 km/h to maybe 20 in 3.rd gear, the engine awakens and will pull better. After a few minutes the engine performs nominally. This behaviour also happens after a very short stop, and then the engine braking will immediately make things fine bc the engine is warm. And after the fix i
  2. Does anybody have a quick fix for this display that has begun to act up? Sometimes it can be fixed for a few seconds by pressing the top right part, approximately where the line crosses and close to the right edge. It even works sometime without error - and then sometimes there is no letters or anything on it. It seems like the problem is a bad connection but can this be fixed easily-ish or does the display have to be changed? And how hard is it to get at it? The car is a 2006 S-Max Diesel, TItanium trim I believe. Cheers.
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