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  1. I love the Wydean pics. Seeing those cars raced on that fantastic track over the years has been great fun. I was surprised by how young some of the racers appeared to be. There must have been some head to head incidents with the wild boar. I remember a large group of them 'ploughing' the ground over the road from the Speech House. I think I recall preparation for a race some years ago around Afan as well. I think that track was less claustrophobic for the drivers than at FoD. Great times.
  2. Noted. I used some £20 bulbs for a claimed 150% (or thereabouts) better output on my MK4 and some brighter Lidl ones after that, which were only about £6. That made a good difference. They also had a reputable vendor name on them that I can't recall now. What gets me about LEDs is the price. The indicator went on my wifes Passat wing mirror. I thought it would be an easy £1.50 fix. No Sir! it was a damn £50 LED unit. I suppose I could have bought a pattern part for half, but I have been caught out too many times. Buy cheap, buy twice. I appreciate the heads-up from you both.
  3. Having spoken to my local mechanic last year, he wasn't at all surprised by my broken nut key, having seen many. He took them all off with a bit of force and replaced with standard nuts at my request. Does anyone rob wheels these days? Quite possibly, but certainly not mine. Should I get in a fix at the side of the road, I don't need to fret about breaking a nut key again. In reply to Stephen, could it be a ham fisted approach to applying the key (in my case) or bad materials? I suppose we may all get caught out sometimes.
  4. Just seen this. It seems like life is changing before our eyes and we need to take control. I dare say our fathers and grandfathers may have made the same statement at various points in their existence. . Thanks for posting.
  5. Hello, I've just joined in recent days and had some great advice for a new purchase. Great to hear you're hands-on and you'll certainly enjoy that car. Sounds like a blast.
  6. Stephen, You are quite right about the BBC. Having seen their antics in recent years and level of current 'journalism' at the moment, I now live TV License free. Now, back to trying to spruce my tired 2010 Mondeo up for a trade in. With the money offered, it's as good as scrap these days.
  7. That sounds good to me. I was pipped to the post with the Estate I was going to see, but will keep looking. As you found, the 1.5 Titanium is where the bank for buck is so I'll keep searching. Thank you for your responses. It's given me a lot more confidence, along with the bonus on zero road tax. All the best.
  8. Hi both, Sorry if I came across in a wayward fashion. I saw the topic and simply replied with my experiences and findings. I hope we are still allowed to share such information. It did appears in a 'chat' after all. Stephen, I appreciate you relaying your figures, also. We can only go by what we see as true and honourable. I mention BUPA as many of us would be paying a great deal for something that is essentially void, should the worst happen. I see that as something worth knowing for anyone that has any type of private cover. The fact that I have two friends that have s
  9. This is an interesting one. Having two chums (44 and 23) that have suffered badly, I'm personally staying well away. Sadly, our close family friend, a 44 year old mother of four had a stroke after her jab. She is on the mend, but is suffering limb numbness and daily migraines & fatigue since her injection. I think this was back in March. A very worrying time for her family. The second was rushed to hospital the morning after her injection (AZ again) as she could not move from her bed and had facial swelling and severe pain. Her paralysis lasted two days before feeling came back t
  10. I suppose my last question (for the moment) is, would you buy another 1.5 Mondeo if one came up and the need was there? I forgot that I did had a 2009 1.8 CDTI that was a five gear monster. Never again. It went bang. I think the five long range shift really hampered it, along with the weight. However, that was an old engine, so I'd like to see what the 1.5 owners have to say. I greatly appreciate the time taken to respond. Looking forward to more topics. Daniel
  11. Hi, Mid 70's is not to be sniffed at. I just saw Diesel @ 1.35 at my local garage. For such bulk, I think 50+ around and about is more that acceptable Thank you.
  12. Ha, that's a good one. I love my Mondeo for the mountain bike space and security (3 bikes) as I'm not a fan of racks. As for the wireless, It'll be AC/DC all the way.
  13. Thanks. That's quite encouraging to hear. I have just found a 2017 1.5 Titanium estate, so will visit the dealership with a bit more confidence. If I may pose another question, what's your M1 mpg like? I see a claimed 80ish, but suspect that's far from within the grasp of anyone who wants to get anywhere. My current 2010 model pootles around at about 52 and is okay for 60+ on a run. With the outlay of a newer car, I'd like to make some gains wherever possible. Thanks again and all the best!
  14. Hello, Sorry if I have rehashed an old subject, but having had a quick search, I could not see anything related. I'm looking for a replacement for my 2010 Estate (140bhp) and find myself swayed towards the road tax saving of the 1.5 Diesel. Do any owners find these underpowered when loaded with a few chums or for general driving. My price range rather dictates a circa 100k car for a 2016+ model. I wonder if a smaller engine is any good after that magic 100k number if serviced as needed. Any feedback greatly appreciated so thanks in advance.
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