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  1. The remap is happening 7th July and I'm going with Remap Kings. They were doing £100 off on an online Summer Promotion, and have also got really good feedback on Trust Pilot. I will, of course let you know how it goes. I love its responsiveness already, but it will be more fun with the extra 22 bhp, I'm sure. Just got to respray the front bumper, as the filling and repairs I did are bringing the look down. Trust the British weather to get in the way. 🙄
  2. I use this website for my detailing gear. Here is all their Iron fallout removers: https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/exterior/paint-contamination/iron-fallout
  3. I've only ever used Iron X, which I find perfectly decent. I've heard a lot of good feedback about Bilberry, though.
  4. Just got 6 bottles in the post today. Can't wait to give it a go. If it all goes Pete Tong, then IPA will remove it.
  5. Actually had a good experience listing some mods for my MK7 Titanium. The following mods will cost me £27: ST rear spoiler and Stage 1 engine remapping (increase from 118 to 140 bhp) These mods they didn't even need to list: Change colour of original alloys, paint existing calipers red, change colour of original interior, fit wind deflectors. and these mods were no charge: add gel badge overlays, add ford owners club stickers. 😎 Sometimes, being a middle-aged female has its advantages. 😁
  6. So, I've seen this Facebook page, and have to admit that I'm intrigued. Anyone here tried it? https://www.facebook.com/groups/727579494055519/ My Fiesta has a bluish grey interior trim. I'd much prefer black. May try this out. Will post updates.
  7. Trial run of the eyebrows. They will be colour coded when they are added, but I love the look. 😷
  8. Wind deflectors added and bumper filled ready for priming.
  9. Maybe it's reaching my 40s that has given me the courage to do this, but I've always had a secret passion to do up a car. As a woman, its not something that is a common hobby amongst my friends, and I guess I've been reluctant to pursue it. But here I am. I bought my best friend's 2011 Titanium for the part exchange price. Only 61k on the clock, mechanically sound, but cosmetically battered. 🙈 My husband and I own a maintenance business and we have experience with painting and decorating, so I figured, some of those skills are transferable, right? The bonnet had multiple rusty
  10. Hi guys. So excited to be here. I have just bought a super example of a mk 7 (pre-facelift) Fiesta Titanium on Panther black. Lots of cosmetic issues, but mechanically great. I am doing a bonnet and bumper respray( bonnet professionally, bumper myself) adding a Zetec S spoiler and will refurb the alloys black and silver. I'm a painter/decorator by trade, so hopefully it won't be a huge leap to paint my car.
  11. Ford Fiesta mk7 Titanium owner. Bought at part ex value as a project for myself and my hubby. Mainly me, though, as it's been a dream of mine to mod a car. I sanded back the multiple rusty stone chips on the bonnet and primed, but am getting the local body repair shop to paint. Saved 50% cost by doing the prep myself. We have replaced the front panel, jumped about on the front reinforcer to straighten it (God bless rugby player-sized husbands) and I have plans to refurb the alloys black and silver, and add a Zetec S/ST spoiler to my Black beauty. I'll also be detailing her with my DA pol
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