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  1. There is that. Wonder how the heck I'd DIY diagnose that one...
  2. Just an update, the MIL lit up for the first time today. Torque shows the P2566 code so I just cleared it for now. Also, a friend of mine suggested a boost leak can cause spiking, or possibly the EGR valve as the culprit. Any credence to this?
  3. It is one of those notebooks with a tiny 32GB of eMMC storage. I was going to use it as a dedicated Forscan device with only that and an OS installed so luckily the 32GB would be enough. I'm good with installing on new drives but for some reason it just won't boot from a USB with a Windows installer on it. I've tried making installers using the windows media creation tool and Rufus, both of which I've had success with on other machines in the past. As I say, it will boot fine from a Ubuntu installer, even using the same USB drive to rule that out. I've tested that Windows 7 installer I made on
  4. So it seems my mk4 has a boost problem. Under high load e.g. flat out in top is will accelerate smoothly up until a certain point and the power will come in quick 'waves' as you hold the pedal down. I don't have Forscan unfortunately, so I did my best to look at it with Torque. I found that the car is fine up until it tries to make more than about 15psi of boost at which point the boost will rise and fall. I should have turned logging on... But my passenger took screenshots of the boost graph while it was happening. The MIL it not lit up, but I scanned it anyway and found a pending P2566
  5. This is just running the installer from USB to install onto the laptop. Still a good point though. Wonder where I can get a 7 installer iso? I used to have one but not sure where it went...
  6. Thanks. Tunnelrat may be the way to go. I'm just trying to get Windows installed on a spare notebook I have, as the best option I guess would be the Windows version and a USB cable. Problem there is: It is running Ubuntu at the moment, which installed from a USB stick just fine. But the thing will not boot from a memory stick containing a Windows 10 installer. I thought it might be the stick so I overwrote my Ubuntu installer with Windows 10 and it still will not boot. 😡 My employer wouldn't be too happy if I installed it on my work laptop so I'd really like to get that sorted out so
  7. I bought Forscan Lite for my Android. I've got an ELM327 bluetooth dongle which works fine with Torque Pro, but with Forscan Lite is keeps dropping the connection. I'm assuming the dongle is a clone... Any recommendations on a better dongle, which I can get in the UK? Cheers
  8. Hmm. I'll definitely look into it a bit more then over the weekend... And it seems my quotes went wrong a bit earlier! 😄
  9. I can maybe help answer a few: I wouldn't have sprayed contact cleaner in to the switches as you nowprobably find in six months time the plastic will start to break, but too late to worry about that now. What was the problem you were/are having with the CC ? it operates a little different to the Octavia. Yes that is the case. If you were able to complete the phone/car pairing then the car does have Bluetooth. If pressing the phone button on the radio just mutes the sound then the car does not have bluetooth. Try connecting a different phone to the car, can you see th
  10. Update: the contact cleaner cured the cruise control problem 🙂 Just need to figure out the bluetooth now
  11. I picked up my 2008 2.0 TDCi TX last night. Haven't driven it much yet, other than the drive home, but I have a couple of questions/comments: When I test drove the car I switched the cruise control on and it was fine. On the way home it was working intermittently... I had a similar problem with my Octavia which contact cleaner sorted out, so I sprayed some into the little holes behind the buttons and crossing my fingers. Also, before I viewed the car the reviews I read claimed everything from the Edge upwards came with bluetooth? I've got to admit, I didn't try pairing my phone while
  12. Hi, just thought I'd register seeing as I'm buying a Ford :) My first two cars were Fords back in the day, a mk2 Escort and then a mk3 and boy do I wish I still had them (instead of writing off the mk2 and blowing up the mk3). I went through a number of Vauxhalls, Minis, a Megane, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Alfa and then into VAG stuff. Its time for a change. I need something with reasonable mileage which will be used to cruise 200 miles once per week up and down the M1 (once the office opens back up fully...), quarterly trips to London and back plus the usual running about. After looking
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