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  1. Ryan9684

    Paranormal Activity 3

    i might go tomorrow night or sunday, i have man flu today or i may have gone a run over to see the last exorcism..
  2. Ryan9684

    Paranormal Activity 3

    the drive in at strathclyde park by any chance?
  3. Ryan9684

    Can I Just Say!

    I'm away to make a new thread about the abuse you just gave me in this post... ;)
  4. Ryan9684

    Paranormal Activity 3

    yes i've seen it, it was good for the usual making you jump and making the gf want to do things to keep her mind off it afterwards
  5. Ryan9684

    Can I Just Say!

    i love banana's, expecially in fritters with syrup
  6. I would prefer to save money and have a good excuse for a lie in, my car is RWD so that's my usual excuse as to why i couldnt make it to work and everyone else could :D
  7. Ryan9684

    Can I Just Say!

    Are you talking about a particular thread or something?
  8. Ryan9684

    Tinted Lights Feeback?

    the police and your insurance... does anyone else matter?
  9. yeh i think so, they are body colours but i suppose that could look clear to some
  10. Ryan9684

    Fiesta Metal

    Don't put brembo stickers on your brakes... unless you buy brembo's... why not try to get some fiesta ones?
  11. Ryan9684

    Will petrol ever become redundant?

    Well when it runs out we will have to find something new... i can't imagine we will be using petrol for much longer.
  12. Ryan9684

    The Best Cars You've Owned List

    i owned a mk 3 fiesta, a mk 4 fiesta, a mk7 fiesta in white and a performance blue mk 7 s1600 fiesta with the mountune upgrade... yes all fiestas lol. My current car is a mazda rx8, first non fiesta car i have had. I loved them all, even my 1l mk3 fiesta :)
  13. Ryan9684

    What Do You Think Of This Car

    surely for 900-1400 saved you could travel
  14. Ryan9684

    Mk 7 Zetec S Lowering

    Cost being the issue is the reason they are overkill. Coilovers are obviously better but for more than twice the price of lowering springs for a low end set unless i was going to use the car for something where coilovers would be a clear advantage i wouldn't bother.