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  1. These look good! A few questions though: What's the difference between the two items in the links that you posted? PFL / FL? Also, there seems to be so many variations of these products on these pages, but none of them appear to offer wireless Android Auto, only Car Play. With regards to DAB compatibility, does it have to be an addon specific to these units, or can you use any DAB unit? Which one did you have? Finally, my car is a 2011 and didn't come with Sync at all - it has the BVC unit in it - do you know if that makes it incompatible? It's good to know that there
  2. It's a fair question. I guess I've always had this slightly tainted view of them, having had a really naff Grundig TV back in the day. Some 20 years ago, if you had a head unit in your car, it had to be Pioneer or Sony. Perhaps there's a bit of brand snobbery in there too, I'm not sure. Glad to hear that Grundig produce decent kit though - the spec on this unit does look good, and it does appear to support a lot of the OEM stuff, but I've also no idea if there's any compatibility problems either. I would assume at the ~£350 mark, it's also quite a lot cheaper than going down the route of
  3. Greetings! At 42 years young, I thought I might share my Ford history with you: 1986 1.1 Mk2 Fiesta in "hearing aid beige", my learner car and a complete shed. Enormous steering wheel, I recall. 1987 1.1 Mk2 Fiesta Ghia in a sort of petrol green colour. Loved this car, pepper pot alloys, some aftermarket steering wheel, and a K&N pancake filter on it that used to sound like the weapon it sadly never was. Driven way faster than it should have been. Brilliant fun. 2002 1.6 Mk1 Focus (basic) in Silver. Bought it for about £400 and never faltered once in the 4 years that I had i
  4. Has anyone had any experience of these kits before from Top Vehicle Tech? https://topvehicletech.com/products/ford-focus-6-8-grundig-double-din-stereo-kit?currency=GBP&variant=39846463996095 I've read the guides on here to upgrade my BVC unit, but the guides are way out of my league - these look like they might be a bit more noob friendly. Only problem is, I can't find any evidence anywhere of anyone actually buying these or giving feedback about them. The brand Grundig doesn't exactly fill me with confidence, but I'm a bit oldskool.
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