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  1. I haven't been using Forscan, but after doing some research I'm going to purchase the adapter and check what it says. It is electronic climate control, and I believe the engine cooling fan works. The active grille shutter and amb air temps though, I'm unsure. I guess the grille shutter is closed when cold and opens as the coolant temperature rises?
  2. That is peculiar. My AC compressor definitely has an electromagnet which engages/disengages from the pulley, which is constantly rotated by the drive belt. I've also got a 2009 Fiesta, both have the 1.6 tdci engine, and I can hear and see the clutch engaging and disengaging as the pressure in the AC circuit rises. Perhaps it is to do with the engine model?
  3. Hi all, I’ve got a 2013 Ford Focus and have had an issue with my AC not working for a couple of weeks (only realised when the weather improved). I’ve tried quite a few different things but no luck. So far, I’ve: · Tested the AC clutch resistance; · Checked the continuity of the AC clutch wires, and AC pressure sensor wires back to fuse box; · Tested the AC clutch relay, and swapped with the horn relay; · Changed the AC pressure sensor; · Shorted the AC clutch relay connections to engage the clutch, which ran and blew cold air; ·
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