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  1. Yep. Getting the correct jack and foam insert and correct hold down fitting is not so easy it seems. Remember those.
  2. The 195/50/15" tyres were fitted to the Escort RS Turbo. However, that car, probably the same weight and size as the Mk7 Fiesta, had independent rear struts and kept those tyres a bit flatter to the road than a standard Fiesta 1.2 would. Hence why putting ST arm and struts on would reduce body roll and enable the tyres to do their things more predictably. My ST ran on 15" steel wheels with cheapo 195/50/15" tyrers on for a bit as it's a Sleeper. Generally a decent ride and handling, but it's far better now it's on 17" alloys. ST-Line ones.
  3. I'd third Luke's comments. Just my 10p worth but I owned a 1.2 for a short while before giving it to my son when he passed his test as a first car. It is annoying and frustrating having the slowest car in sight at any given time, but it is what it is and you'll never make it any quicker to be frank. Give in now. Its ***** money away you can save for your next car. The problem is not personal, it's not you, just the insurance companies don't know individuals so lump you all together. The difference with you and me as far as insurance companies go is I'm 52, still a boy racer and want a faster car, but, after driving for 35 years I'm just more likely to know when it's appropriate and when it's not to put my foot down. Hence the penalty that forces you into a 1.2 snail. FYI, my ST gives me 42mpg and other than a firmer ride is just as docile when I don't want to be silly which is 99% of the time. I would say, for value, you'd be better off spending money on chassis and brakes than anything else. A set of ST struts and springs and 17" ST-Line alloys from a breaker will put your insurance up a bit but you'll have far more fun and not have to slow down a great deal in the first place on bends like you do now. A set of ST calipers and discs up front would be a revelation too. Leave the drums alone on the back. Handling is the fun part of driving.
  4. Unlikely. Having said that, if your car model came with the option but yours didn't have it, there is the possibility that it's wired in the loom part. Again, it also depends on what model engine you have. The throttle control (electronic step motor, etc). If you are missing 2 wires on the steering wheel side of that plug, then a change of wheel to one with the cruise switches will give you those, but you need to look to see if the missing wires are present on the next part of the wiring, from that plug into the car's loom. This is the key. Some car's come with a common section of wiring loom, and certain options can then be fitted as needed on the line, but if these options were bigger pack type things, then there's enough cars built to facilitate a different wiring loom ordering for them. The Mk6 like yours ( UK know as Mk 7) would come in a low and high spec loom, a Ghia possibly would have most options so a loom may well have the wiring. So steering wheel, and amy motors/modules under the bonnet maybe plus it would need enabling on ETIS. Luckily it's a Ford, that's the easy bit!
  5. I just hope the connection you are making isn't CANBUS controlled. As a lot of the ACC and IGN fuse lines are permanently live in the fuse box and its a nightmare to wire anything in. Ideally you'd want to connect your Pin 1 cut-out wire to the sidelight circuit. As the DRL is very bright and certainly on FORD's Factory 7.5 DRL equipped cars the DRLs switch to a low setting to function as the sidelight. Best of luck.
  6. You'd need headlights, front panel, crash member, bonnet, bumper and all the fittings. Just not worth it to be honest.
  7. Here's my experience. I tok my ST alloys off, metal TPMS sensors fitted. Put on some steel wheels temporarily and every time I started I'd get warnings. I went through the menu and reset and about 15 minutes or so later the warnings would come back. Bought some ST-Line 17" alloys now and fitted them. The warnings haven't come back. Just saw this thread and went out and mine have the ridge as per above! SO yes, a long drive and the car will recognise and be happy with the replacement sensors it seems. I didn't realise these had them. I'll have to let a tyre down to double check but no idea how it knows which corner is which or why it's managed to pair with them. Certainly beats a ***** Renault, where you have to get the serial numbers and go into CLIP to register them. DEaler level only and about £100 just to code the Winter Wheels in! Robbing *****.
  8. If you stick to a maximum of a 16GB stick and also one that is USB2.0 only, it should work. It MUST be FAT32 format only. Nothing else is supportable to load your music or updates on and be recognised. I learned that by trial and error myself.
  9. I'm about to have to stay near South Manchester. My security upgrade will be a steering wheel lock and a bodywork replacement for standard Fiesta all round with 15" steels with granddad trims on. Unless they look closely they'll not know it's an ST.
  10. Yes. Not got any maintenance manuals or access to ETIS yet so was wondering. Of course If I'd bothered googling it I might have known. Doh.
  11. Yep. All fixed. Got a 2021 from Ebay and it worked a treat. Now on V11.
  12. Daft question, but if you turn the front wheel and look at the strut, there is a symmetrical pair of tabs. One has the Anti-roll bar drop link on it. On my car, a 2014 ST, there are grey boxes fitted to the spare other tab. I suspect this is the transducer for the TPM devices. If yours hasn't got them, then it's on the older RPM/ABS sensor based setup.
  13. Should be under menu> vehicle settings>Tyre PRessure Monitor> then reset should be an option.
  14. If your USB is on the left, then it's fitted upside down. Someone has been in there before you which indicates a rudimentary fault finding exercise by someone for the previous owner.
  15. Possible other explanation is model. If you have the base model/Style version, you might not have the Bluetooth enabled. I think, but can't be sure it's the same module that controls the USB/AUX and Bluetooth, but my 2014 Brochure doesn't mention Bluetooth on the Style but does list the USB. Again, it may well depend on the model, but I'd certainly consider it might be the module that's the problem.
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