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  1. Keys Spinning In Lock

    OK. Brilliant. Thank you very much indeed.
  2. Keys Spinning In Lock

    That sounds about right. I will get a new key cut to see if it works.. will also get the drivers door lock taken out and send to you with (new?) key. I dont see any red chips. I think both the keys I was originally given when I bought the car have been lost. Both I have now have been cut from the original.. What's your address to post the lock and key to? Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Keys Spinning In Lock

    Yes, I've used both keys for years. About three months ago, the lock on the drivers door suddenly went really stiff and I had to use a bit of force to twist the key in it. It did it a few times. But yes, it got progressively stiffer - only that lock though. I wondered whether I had damaged the keys by doing that..
  4. Keys Spinning In Lock

    OK cool. So would I need to remove the locks on the driver door, passenger door AND boot? Do you think they've all worn?
  5. Keys Spinning In Lock

    Its an R reg so quite old.. 1.1 The keys do seem to spin a bit away from the plastic.. I cant tell whether it's the whole lock spinning or just the metal part of the key though. The key works ok in the ignition.. Are the tumblers/barrels in the locks? Could it be poss that they've all gone together then? If I can actually get into it would I need to take it to a Ford dealer so they can look at the locks? Any idea how much is costs?!
  6. Keys Spinning In Lock

    Hi, Can anyone help me? Both of my keys are spinning in all my locks meaning I can't even get into my car. It started doing it a bit a few weeks ago and has got worse to the point where they won't catch at all. Both keys are spares that have been cut since I bought it as the originals were lost. I don't know whether it's the key- though it seems odd that it's both- or the locks- but again its's both passenger doors AND the boot. The driver door lock had been stiff recently. I wonder if they have been damaged twisting it quite forcefully to open it recently? Any help gratefully received. I dont know whether to get new keys cut or what.. Victoria