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    MK5 Fezzy Front End...

    Hello all. On Monday the 30th June i had a little run in with a post in McDonalds drive thru... IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! Anyway what happened was the clutch is on its way out on the fezzy and the car wouldn't move anywhere im there at window 1 like a loser 'cause my car wont move... ANYWAY i've put on a few revs and cars decided to move yeah great puts me straight into the bollard! Thanks alot car. I've already got a new bonnet that just requires spraying and a new slam panel (also requiring spray) Just need 2 things and car will be repaired... 1) New grill MK5 freestyle ideally but would prefer a Zetec S one ;] 2) New front bumper, theres not really any damage at the moment. It just flexed back into place but i would like to replace the front bumper with a Zetec S one any colour but i'd love a silver one to save hassle :)