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  1. New fiesta niggles....

    I don't mind the caples system, I do spill diesel dribbles in the fuel hole and only once did a nozzle not be be accepted by the car, but it seems to work well.. my ST one worked fine and my missus Renault Megane CC one works ok too. Rear passenger window is a big sluggish to close but apart from that all other niggles have been sorted out. Just had the waterproof rubber strip around the passenger window replaced as it was twisted under the window at the top.. they were going to charge me about £100 as it was 3 days out of warranty (trim is only covered for a year) but my local Ford dealer, Haynes of Maidstone pursued it, off their own back, with Ford customer care and they agreed to pay 95% of the cost so I only paid £3.31 in the end.. well pleased about that, and as I paid something towards the cost it's covered for another year, if they had fitted it totally free it wouldn't be covered at all. Oh and I do like the hands free system too, none of this using a key nonsense.. ;) Cheers B.
  2. Fiesta Mk7 5 Door Query

    I have a 5 door, and there is no courtesy light in the back. Perhaps they thought the car didn't need them after all, but the front light isn't bright enough and it is quite dark in the back. No glovebox light, as the whole box opens into the cabin probably no need for one. Cheers B.
  3. Fuel Gauge/miles Left Until Empty..

    All sorted.. after running it down at the weekend and putting some more juice in it is now behaving as it should. Thanks for your help. Cheers B.
  4. Fuel Gauge/miles Left Until Empty..

    Thanks alot guys, that's really helpful. I'll potter around at the weekend and see if it resets itself. Cheers B.
  5. Hi Guys, another issue has now arisen since the visit to the dealers yesterday.. I was driving into work this morning when the fuel light came on with it's usual bong, the readout said 50 miles, again as usual.. Only problem is I still have just over a quarter of a tank left, and this only used to happen as the needle hit the red.. This was all ok until the service yesterday. I called the dealer and they said use the car until the fuel is nearly gone and then fill it with £10 or £20 quid of diesel and see what range it displays.. I usually see about 120 miles range on ten quid of the black stuff.. Anyone else had a problem with this? Cheers B.
  6. Mk7 Annoyances - Ways Around Them

    I have a Tit and have noticed a bit of vibration from the passenger door area with the music on.. I turned it off and it still happens! Just a typical vibration noise in a car methinks.. Mirrors fold with a whirr, but jonly occasionally do I hear an extra whirr but it isn't from the mirrors, it seems to be at the base of the windscreen so could be the heating/climate system adjusting itself.. Seat belt issue doesn't happen for me. I have a 5 door so no tilt issues on the seats.. Yeah the wiper blind spot is annoying.. I always use the heated screen to clear moisutre but even then it doesnt really clear the edges.. the clamshell style wipers would be the perfect solution.. I also find sometimes the auto headlights really do have a mind of their own.. the most annoying is them not turning off, even when the car emerges from the dark wooded road on the way to work, into bright sunshine.. not the be and end all but a niggle nonetheles... Still love the car though.. B.
  7. Newbie ,,, Some Q's

    Well currently I'm running my 59 1.6 tdci Titanium and a 10 Octavia VRS with uprated VW TDi CR DPF 2.0 diesel on board.. and I can say the Fez is no less refined than the VRS definitely not "very noisy".. they're both not obtrusive and although you can hear a slight gruff diesel noise when accelerating it's not annoying at all.. I actually think they sound good.. my missus loves the Fez sound.. much more sporty than the Megane CC 1.6 before.. B.
  8. Mines an old 59 plater ;) and I haven't checked whether it has or not.. I'll look tomorrow.. I have keyless start, and never has it not started on me.. just make sure the clutch is pressed, but then again it tells you on the display to press the clutch.. did your's not have that message displayed? Beware also dodgy fuel pumps, I went in my local Tescos last week while it was really busy and tried to use a diesel pump I've used before, but the nozzle would not be acceptd by the car and I couldn't fuel it... I had used the pay at pump method too so I had to cancel all that, hold everybody up and try the pumps behind.. which worked ok! A right palava... Enjoy your car though... B.
  9. O/t - New Focus St

    I had an Orange ST.. much prefer it to this new one.. that grill... B.
  10. Zetec S, Titanium, Diesel Or Petrol

    I don't think you can rerally get a bad model Fez... I need 5 doors so the Zetec-S was out.. I like toys so it has to be a Titanium.. I found a dealer demo 1.6 tdci in Leeds that came with the USB/B'Tooth, keyless entry-button start/Xpack 17" Alloys/Leather seats/Rear electric windows/Spare wheel and all the ususal Tit stuff like the auto wipers/lights/elec folding mirrors/climate/auto dipping mirror etc.. in Panther Black.. It still handles great, rides excellent and is just an all round great car.. Like all car purchases, it's what you need from the car that should sway you one way or another.. tbh if I didn't need a 5 door and I was looking now I wld prob have a S1600 as I like stripes.. :) You can't go wrong whichever model you go for.. Chers B.
  11. I have DSP, I have it set to "rock" and the whole car occupancy.. just don't think front occupancy sounds quite right.. B.
  12. Fiesta Car Tax

    My tax on the 1.6 tdci went down from £35 to £20 this year.. a pleasant surprise.. and a few extra pints... :) B.
  13. Thanks Andrew.. I thought the glovebox hinges seemed a little strange! Gearbox is a quirk I suppose we will have to live with.. not a major issue but a niggle nonetheless.. I forgot I have had the ECU light with the "engine malfunction" message appear twice in 7 months.. I see a software update fixes that one so will mention it at the service... Cheers B.
  14. I have a 59 Titanium. Only issues so far: Window seal on passenger door is stuck up into window halway along towards the B pillar.. it doesn't leak but I cannot pull it out and straighten it, as soon as the window is closed it pulls it back in. Will get it looked at at the service in 2 weeks. Glovebox hinge "broke". I found it on the floor, but amazingly enough I was able to clip it back in and it wasn't actually broken. It just seems to be designed that way. Reverse gear sometimes doesn't engage, it seems like it's in but when you release the clutch it juust makes a bit of a whirring noise and you have to shove it in again. I'll get it checked at the service. I find the auto lights come on ok but even in bright sunlight sometimes do not turn off again. Apart from the fog light issue (thread elsewhere) that was partly self inflicted, I've had no other issues. Cheers B.
  15. Fiesta Mk7 - Fog Lights

    Hi guys, here is the first tale of woe from my up-to-now unblemished Fez ownership experience.. :) Due to circumstances beyond my control I stupidly used a car wash last week as I needed it clean and didn't have time to do it myself. I went to one I ave used before as it's quite new and always been ok with other motors I've put through. It cleaned the car ok but a day or two later I noticed by chance that the nearside foglight was missing! As it's a Titanium it has the "chrome" surround to it there was just no bulb there. I put my hand in through the hole and found the light unit lying on the bottom of the the inside of the bumper. I then undid the plastic bolts holding the plastic panels inside the wheel arch and when I could access the light and found that two of the hooks that hold it in place have snapped off and two of the restraining bolts on the other hooks are missing also! The drivers side light has been pushed in also but only slightly... I am going to get it replaced, so anyone got any suggestions to get one cheap.. I know alot of you wouldn't use a car wash but just be careful as I think the foglights are in vulnerable position that can easily be damaged.. All in all it's effing annoying!! Cheers B.