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  1. 55 Reg Fiesta 1.25 ABS warning light intermittent

    Well i hope you get it all sorted. Fords know about it but they dont consider it a big problem as they dont have thousands come in with that fault but unless they want a thing like toyota i feel car dealers should take charge of faults like these
  2. Diamondbrite... Have I Been Ripped Off?

    Yes in short you have been ripped of salesman work on commission so will always try and sell that to you. it costs ford about £25 for the big all in pack and they charge it out at £300 scotchguard is much better.
  3. Ford Kuga Rear Door Leak

    There is a known ford concern for rear doors on kugas leaking so your local ford garage should know about it. it came out last week so it may be worth while looking on etis to find out or booking it back into fords. I agree with artscot79 but thats exactly what fords have done with the focus cc the hard top leaks all the time and the cc's are always in the workshop. fords know about that and yet do nothing.
  4. Abs Module Failure

    If you view andy towny's post i think my post will shed some light
  5. 55 Reg Fiesta 1.25 ABS warning light intermittent

    Right folks ive been reading through your posts and its nothing to do with moisture in the cluster and the year of fiesta your all descripting they dont have vehicle speed sensors its all done through the abs module. Fords not just on the fiesta but the new mondeo also have major faults with water ingress in the electronic abs module which you can replace seprately to the HCU (Hydraulic control unit) which is the mechanical part of the abs module. The abs module will cause communcation problems between the PCM (Powertrain control module) which puts the engine management light on. Causes the speedo not to work as it cant register the signals from the wheel speed sensors. Handbrake light, abs and traction control lights on as the electric module has or is storing a fault code in the memory. the led display will not work as there no signal from the abs module so cant register mileage and has communcation problems. dont drive the vehicles and slam your foot on the brake as the abs WILL NOT work and could be dangerous. I have had many of these and that is differently the faults you all are describing. Fords will be very un helpful, your only chance is asking for goodwill which means fords will pay a certain percentage of the overall cost of the repair and is based on a sliding scale. the more miles and older the car the less fords will be willing to pay. I hope this helps and please contact me if i can be of further help
  6. Leak From Hatch

    no thats ford for you. I know they have a problem with the rear hinges leaking, could be rear washer pipe off but then ford would have spotted that. They have problems with rear screens leaking to and i had a c-max the other day that was leaking from the rear spoiler
  7. Non Starter

    Have you checked to see if your getting fuel up to the fuel rail? Spark at end of HT leads? There a 3 amp engine management fuse that blows in the engine compartment check that.
  8. Engine Management Light

    Inlet Manifold Runner Control Valve is only on st170 is that what you got? as there a common problem on them
  9. Mpg Gone Wrong?

    Thats the average MPG so depends on what sort of driving condition its been in.
  10. New Mk7 Flip Key Transpoder Coding?

    As far as i know it requires a diagnostic unit to coded the key. I know the fords IDS can do it but i dont know of any other system that can. you can only use the 2 key system on cars pre 2000. I can code it for you but depends where you are as i would need the car also along with the new key. How much did fords want for doing it? Normally £79.50 +VAT at fords in my area which is an hours labour
  11. Drivers Window & Hazards

    Sounds like the global closings out of sync put the key in the drivers door lock lock it with the key turning it right release and turn to lock it again and this time hold it in position all the windows should go up then do the same on the unlocking all the windows will come down and then do locking again then should all work ok if its the global closing if that doesn't work then its the window regulator
  12. Service Find Coil Springs

    It wouldn't fail the MOT on rusty springs only if there broken. so personally i wouldnt replace them as theres no need
  13. Internal Light Fitting

    Thats ok glad to be of help
  14. Steering Rack-Lock Issue

    The steering wheel is on a hexagon spline so you can move it unless you move it alot. Im wondering if either something else is bent or if they've wound one tie rod end out alot more than ment to but just got it so the steering wheel goes in the straight ahead position
  15. Idle speed control valve, controls the revs at idle and stops the car from stalling when the revs drop on deacceletion. or throttle position sensor which senses the amount your pressing the pedal and sends a signal back to the PCM, that comes part of the ETB (electronic throttle body) ford have a recall for this which envolves replacing the wiring loom, ETB and PCM (Powertain control module) later calibration. hope that helps
  16. Internal Light Fitting

    small screwdriver windscreen side in between trim and light push up and lever towards screen. light should come down . dont worry if clear plastic lens comes off always does
  17. Fiesa Heated Front Screen

    if you fit a new heated screen and connect the wires to the screen on the A pillars remove the heated rear screen switch on the dash you'll find a multi plug thats not used for anything that will be for the heated front screen fit the new switchand a fuse for the heated front screen also the relay to the fuse box behide the glove boxthen it should work. The wiring is all there as ford make one wiring loom as standard which has everything on it and they just plug whats needed in. cuts down on costs from have 20 different designs of wiring loom.
  18. Start Button

    thats just what i was told on the ford training course but i havent actually tried it Think i might tomorrow though. I know theres certain positions you have to be in for the recievers to pick up the signals
  19. Clutch Type

    your gear selection problem may be your clutch wearing out or but there is adjustment on the gear selector rod which causes differcult engagement of gears but it will be hard to adjust yourself and its under the vehicle
  20. Servicing

    what ive just given you is what is recommended by ford but you could do what stef123 says up to you obvisously theres no harm in changing things early just costs more up to you
  21. Servicing

    Oil and filter, pollen filter every 12500 miles spark plugs, air, fuel filters every 37500 miles plus whats done 12500 miles
  22. What Type Of Engine? 2006 Mk2 1.6Lx

    it is a 1.6 duratec thats jus the new name ford gave there zetec engines when they brought the new focus's out
  23. Start Button

    Ive been on a training course for this and thats not true you can only start the vehicle if the key is within 2-3 metres of the vehicle.
  24. Air Fliter

    normally changed every 3 years or 37000 miles but petrol air filters will last longer than diesel ones so just check it and if its real dirty change it if not blow it ouy and the housing and refit
  25. Fuel Fliter

    thats wrong i ment 75000 miles