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  1. Ford F Reader Scanner

    sorry If not following protocol... I have a "F-super" scanner bought a few years ago ( from ebay via beatthegarage.co.uk ) for use with my mondeo 2 tdci saved me 1000's ( as well as paying local diesel specialists who charged me £70 fo NO better info and informed me it was a £1,200.00 turbo replacement job!!! ) - I got turbo injector solder repaired for £5... any who - I have lost the ( will to live nearly.... ;-) ) software to make it work!!! i KNOW IT HAS BEE DISCUSSED here but links I found for downloads do not work / are corrupt.. any help?
  2. Ford Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Dura-Torq Noise

    sounds like (!!) the tensioner pulley and or crank - classic symptom = noisier when air con is on. ok to leave - just put up with noise - mind you if bushes are / have failed I suppose eventually something will break!! but not urgent
  3. Mondeo Mk4 Tdci Turbo Failed??

    http://www.talkford....ttach_id=118611 PHOTO OF LABELLED ENGINE PARTS...
  4. Mondeo Mk4 Tdci Turbo Failed??

    EGR valve is bottom left - follow the pipe work from turbo to intercooler ( under rad ) and up to EGR - two pipes go to it - one from intercooler ( fresh air from Turbo ) and another smaller metal one crosses in front of manifold ( from exhaust ) You will need a good too set to get all the nuts off!!! Just done mine - clogged up with gunge ( 50% restricted ) mad no difference Blanked off - no difference Symptoms - flashing heater , loss of power and fault 2263 - turbo pressure. Now taken off actuator and awaiting diagnosis... drives the same - no power / turbo!!
  5. It all started when I accidently started it in gear - then while accelerating onto motorway it didn't - would not accelerate much and heater plug light was flashing. got of M6 and stopped - restarted and fine. Ever since then it has been going into "limp mode" and loss of power - poor acceleration - the for a while all fine! tried so far. mates diagnostic - error 2262 Diesel "specialist" Delphi error 2262 I.e turbo lack of pressure... But turbo seems fine - turbo arm free.. - and specialist says never seen code before ( all over the web!!! ) So air mass swapped, injector cleaner ran through, ECR cleaned, NOT split inter cooler hose, Cam sensor changed Now if I rev - sat still - up to ~2000 rpm - and back off it gets VERY rough - horrible. Since changing the cam sensor the heater light has stayed off - but too early to tell. Engine management light on all the time Tried " twitching ign. on/ff 20 times" as advised on "johns" website - no worky... So - you think changing the cam sensor ( from a black one to a new grey!!) has worked? I don't want to waste another £60 ON DIAGNOSTICS TO FINE ERROR 2262 is / is not present - told me nothing the first time. Feels like a death rattle - Mind you it does most of the time ( long history of chasing more lemons round the crank shaft pulley / belt tensioner game ) If it ain't broke dont fix it - as long as it does not go into limp mode again
  6. Ford Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Dura-Torq Noise

    yep mine done too... no more hunting clatter at tick-over Still noisy though!!! Normal cacophony + Sounds like a blown exhaust( but isn't = had it checked - Kind of a phat phat noise - any ideas - going to drive me mad this car - grunt and economy still good and love the drive - soft but handles well
  7. Ford Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Dura-Torq Noise

    thanks crankshaft pulley - http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/mondeo_mk3_diesel_crankshaft_pulley_2450.htm or off ebay for £75 delivered
  8. Ford Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Dura-Torq Noise

    Definitely seems like you need to replace all doing this job. Took mine to garage and they changed tensioner pulley only - declared crank pulley ok. Now 5k down the road I am getting belt slap - vibration / noise at tick-over and you can see the crank wobbling and see the belt flapping. So need to disassemble again to renew crank pulley - Thanks "Ford Specialist " garage Where's best to buy crank pulley??
  9. 130 Tdci Oil Levels

    after every oil change I get variable but mostly high readings on dip stick. I have checked it 10 times at different times - all giving 1/2 " above max - only to find when I TAKE BACK TO GARAGE IT IS JUST AT MAX... all done on level ground, after a few mins or hours etc.
  10. Ford Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Dura-Torq Noise

    Had this problem -Knocking noise - with air con on - that went away when off - so took to ford "specialist" who changed the tensioner pulley ONLY. Rubber bush was knackered in pulley assembly Cured the on / off noise but.... from what I read here they "should" have changed crank shaft pulley also - while they were there... now it has recently developed a " phat phat" noise at low revs / high load - blowing exhaust??
  11. 2.0 Tdci Mpg?

    I thought i WAS GETTING 50+ mpg - according to the dash board.. But checking by mileage and fuel pump it went down to 44. so instruments over read by 10% at least - and that's assuming the odometer is accurate!! 05 130 Tdci oh - btw - any idea why after every oil / filter change I should get erratic over-reads on the oil dip stick - as much as 1" over the max level - on level ground etc etc - but then ( usually when I take it back to garage!! ) the oil level is fine ( just max..)
  12. Noisy Mondeo 2.0 Tdci

    yep - OP said it was at idle..
  13. Stll got hunting problems with me TDCi

    Why bother about this low ( 750 ) idle - If everything fine at 800 - idle at 800!!? - mine idles at 800 ( 2l tdci 130 ) but is rough even then - smooths out once it gets going.
  14. Noisy Mondeo 2.0 Tdci

    ?? Mine was noisy - turned out to be bush on tension cam gone - especially noticeable when AC turned on
  15. Tdci Overfilled With Oil..

    do not know - they ( garage) did not say what oil they used. It's dirty black oil by now anyway!!! I think the "Magnetic " oils stick on a microscopic level btw - certainly not enough to clog up dipstick tube... IMHO