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  1. Crikey, i need to do a log of economical driving i think!!!
  2. I averaged 29mpg on my Fiesta 2018 1.0l Turbo ecoboot. I live in London and was absolutely flooring it and mostly using 2nd gear out of 6. I was shocked as I had to fill so quick. Now i drive in 3rd and 4th whilst doing 30-40mph.
  3. Enabling or Disabling Auto Lock Note: You cannot disable the auto lock feature in some markets. Note: See an authorized dealer to enable or disable the auto lock feature or carry out the following procedure. Note: You will have 30 seconds to complete the procedure. 1. Switch the ignition on. 2. Press the power door lock button three times. 3. Switch the ignition off. 4. Press the power door lock button three times. 5. Switch the ignition on. The horn will chirp indicating your vehicle is in programming mode. 6. Press the power door lock button for less than one second and release. The horn will chirp once if disabled or twice (one short and one long chirp) if enabled. After programming the feature, switch the ignition off. The horn will chirp once indicating programming is complete.
  4. Thanks for testing! yes its something that is not documented in the handbook, it is but only for the ST. But its good to know that im not the only one experiencing it 😄 Im sure there is an explanation for it somewhere..
  5. Thanks, yes that makes sense, as i cant seem to turn it off. But if you have time then give it a test in yours and let me know what it says.. as I still have just over 2 months left of the warranty on the used car so can quickly go book it in for a check if need be 😄 however the only thing that makes me curios like i say it that once ''ESC On'' is displayed i cant press the TCS OFF button again to turn traction control off (unless of course i turn the engine off and back on again) If anyone else on the board doesn't mind testing as well then that would be great. 😊
  6. Dear All I recently purchased a Fiesta 2018 - ST Line. In the center console it has 3 buttons -> ECO / TCS OFF / A. (Pic attached) I have found something strange and if anyone else could test theirs to confirm then that would be great. When i start the engine and press the TCS OFF button the red ''Traction off'' icon appears as aspected, when i press it again the red ''Traction'' icon disappears as expected. I can do this many times and it works no problem. However when I press and hold the TCS OFF button for 15-16 seconds it says ''ESC On'', from my understanding this means the Electronic Stability Control has turn on. Then when i press the TCS OFF button to turn the Traction control off the red icon does not appear, and pressing and holding the TCS OFF button for 15-16 seconds does nothing either. The only way to then turn the Traction control off is to stop and start the engine. I then did another test, i started the engine again, i pressed the TCS OFF button and the red ''Traction off'' icon appears as aspected. I then pressed and held the TCS OFF button for 15-16 seconds it says ''ESC On'', at which point the red ''Traction off'' icon disappeared, after which pressing the TCS OFF button does not turn the red icon on again (basically doesn't seem to do anything). Of course once i turn the engine off and back on it goes back to normal. Does this mean that by default the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is off when i start the car and I have to turn it on? Does anyone else's Fiesta do the same thing? Many thanks
  7. Just to let you guys know I have received the car and gave it a good drive. The problem with the slow acceleration that was apparent at first has now gone. It came down to a just giving it few more rpm's and ''learning to drive'' a fiesta ecoboost. More than happy with the car now! Thanks to all that replied!
  8. I see, yes i have been watching some videos on the Fiesta MK8 on Youtube and about 1500-2000rpm is what i see people taking off with at the junctions.. Im going to have to test it all out soon as i get the car. I know as soon it gets to 3000rpm its like a rocketship 😄
  9. Thanks, yes from what i have read lately it requires a slightly different driving style, but il have to test that soon. Yes the fiesta MK8 is a superb car definately.
  10. Thanks for the reply all! I am picking up the car in a week, and noticed the acceleration problem during the test drive, but like many of you have mentioned, a few more revs is what i need to play around with to get it moving. Il give it a try soon as i get it. Cheers!
  11. Hello All I have just bought a 2018 Fiesta ST Line - 1.0 - 100PS I noticed and compared to my old car (Nissan Micra 1.0) the first gear take off acceleration is a lot slower. For example i would put it into first gear, take off with accelerator fully floored and after about 2-3 it would take off of really quickly, but for the first 2 seconds it seems like its not going nowhere... Anyone else with the same engine noticed this? am i meant to hold revs at 2000rpm or something when i take off? Thanks
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