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  1. Escort Mk2 Rear Seat Belts

    Hi Richard, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I think the holes might be too big - I followed some fitting instructions I found online. Might need to make up a plate and then disguise it by putting a seat belt trim on top of it. Will have another look at the weekend - if you have time to put up some pictures that would be great, thanks. All the best Derek
  2. Escort Mk2 Rear Seat Belts

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Apologies for not acknowledging before, not been on here for a while. I fitted some new belts, easy job as mountings all there. I still need trims though, the holes are fairly big - which model/year Clio did you get the trims from please? Thank you
  3. Escort Mk2 Rear Seat Belts

    Hi, hoping for some advice please. I have a '79 Escort Ghia 4dr and I want to fit rear seat belts. I believe all the fitting points are already fitted. Which are the best rear seat belts to get? Either new or used and is it straight forward to fit them? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, we have a 2010 Fiesta Titanium 1.6TDCi with 16" 7-spoke Alloys. It had its 2nd service today at 14000 miles and 3 of the wheels are bucked! The wheels/tyres have only had summer/spring/autumn use as we have a set of steels with winter tyres which stay on the car from November till March. Is this a common problem? I've never had this issue before in 26 years of driving - especially 3 wheels. Are the wheels made of plastercine? Has anyone managed to get Ford to acknowledge the fault and sort it under goodwill or warranty.
  5. Winter Tyres

    Hi, I have just fitted a set of 15" Steels & Ford Trims my wifes 2010 Titanium. They are fitted with 'winter tyres'. We live down a country lane which is largely untreated post snow falls and as we are high up, is always icey. The car grips much better and stops more easlily than it did with the standard 16" Summmer tyres. On Monday evening when we had a lot of snow fall here in a very short space of time, ours was the only car to get up the hill to our village. Drove past a dozen or so stranded cars! They are effective up to + 7 degrees apparently. So they offer improved grip throughout the winter and not just in the snow. As I see it removing the 16" 7-Spoke Alloys and storing them over the winter will reduce the risk of expensive wheel damage from frost damaged road surfaces or kerbs buried in snow. Also, it will prolong the life of the standard (expensive) tyres. I'll get them swapped back in March when the car is serviced. We plan to keep the car for some time. The wheels and trims came from E bay. They are from a Fiesta Edge I think?, a Ford dealer listed them - they had been removed from a new car when the customer upgraded his wheels to alloys at delivery. They don't look that special but I'm not that vain and I'd rather protect the car and it's occupants. The tyres came from mytyres.co.uk - good price but a long delivery! I went with the size recommended by our Ford Dealer (I checked the size with a tyre stockist too) - can't recall the exact dimensions but it meant that the rolling radius was the same as with the 16" wheels. I also bought a set of wheel nuts from the dealer which are suited to steel wheels. The above has made the car much easier to drive in snow and ice - the total cost was not much more than my insurance excess. We told our insurance company by the way - they did not see it as a 'modification' or increase our premium either. Some do!!!! See: http://www.smmt.co.uk/articles/article.cfm?articleid=22819 Merry Christmas. Derek
  6. Bluetooth Problem

    Sorted it... Just using the contacts on phone and not the sim has cured it. Phew!
  7. Bluetooth Problem

    Hi, Quick question.. Collected our new Fiesta Titanium this morning, the salesman paired my wifes Nokia 6700 to the car and we were able to access the phone book etc. Just gone back out to the car - and can't seem to access the phone book any longer - the option has gone? Just got redial, select phone etc. Am I missing something? I have de-bonded and re-bonded the phone, her contacts are on phone & SIM. Thanks in advance. Derek
  8. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Thank you for the advice and tips. Will get shopping! Especially keen to get the wheel stuff on board, Alloys on wifes current Fiesta look awfull, as did the wheels on the Focus she had before. It must be the way they are treated/painted at the factory. On my company car (an Audi) the wheels look fine after just splashing them with water - same with the VW Alloys on my old 1997 Golf Estate! Re Diamondbrite - I hear what you are saying but I'll let them apply it as I am not being charged for it (every little helps) but will 'top it up' using some of the products you have recommended. We chose White for the 'throw a bucket of water at it and it is all clean again' convenience of it. Plus I think it looks great in White. She has a 2007 Fiesta Ghia in Amythest at present. Takes hours to clean and shows every blemish - never again. Looking forward to the new Fiesta in White - I can't bear dirty cars, I enjoy cleaning and polishing the car but wouldn't get away with spending all day 'detailing' it etc - so something easy to clean - bring it on! Thanks again.
  9. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Hi, Our Frozen White Titanium arrives in a few weeks. The dealer has offered to Diamonbrite the car FOC, how well it is applied is anyones guess. I may re-do it myself once I have the car as I have some Diamondbrite in the garage. We had it on a previous car and it seemed to make the car easier to clean (we get a lot of tree sap where we live). Some advice please - the car will be used by my wife for work and the school run etc etc and at week ends we are just too busy to spend hours 'detailing' the car. What shampoo does everyone recommend? Should I just get the Diamondbrite stuff? For polish I have been using Autoglym Super Resin on the existing car a few times a year to keep the car in good condition - this also gives an opportunity to keep an eye on the bodywork etc, but I am never certain of the best cloths to use? Finally - all the Fords we have had in the past have suffered with alloy wheels which seem to tarnish very quickly. What is best product to protect the wheels and to clean them with? Thanks all.
  10. Ford To Reduce Fiesta List Prices By£2100

    I got over 3k off of our Fiesta Titanium + scrappage discount (on an old shed I was going to scrap anyway this year) + £450 towards my deposit and then 4.95% APR. Madness? What a way to sell cars? I know the dealer well, so I was told about the discounts etc when I told my mate there we were looking for a small car. I guess deals like that will just go and be replaced by sensible list prices. High list prices/big discounts are all very well - but anyone glancing at the price list will keep away from the showrooms unless they are aware of the deals - and company car drivers will steer clear as they are taxed on the list price. After working at Ford dealers for some 18 years I now work at an Audi Centre, I have to say the 'deals' are a lot more transparent and consistent than ever they were at Ford (the marketing programmes were hard enough for staff to fathom - what chance do the customers have?). With Audi there is a sensible list price, (A3 is cheaper than Focus at list price in most cases???), a margin and the occasional minor spec upgrade and sometimes a funding offer! Much beter for customer satisfaction - customers are seldom left feeling they should have waited/done something earlier. Was tempted to wait for the A1 as it kicks off at 13k - but it's only a 3 door till next year and OH likes the Fiesta!
  11. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    We were going to go for Squeeze for our Titanium - but at the last minute we thought we might tire of it after a while? Car is for OH and she decided she wanted Frozen White in the end, used the money we saved to get the leather interior. I think the white will look good with the chrome trim. Gone for the 7-spoke 16" wheels too as we thought the standard wheels looked a bit fussy and difficult to clean. The 17" wheels were tempting but would last 5 minutes in our lane. She has a Mk6.5 Ghia in Amethyst at present - never getting a dark coloured car ever again - shows every mark! Arrives at the end of the month, looking forward to it's arrival even though it is for my wife really (I have a company car).
  12. New Diesel Engine Review

    Spoke to the dealer today, looks as though it is now being built on the 18th! Not the end of the world, but would have been the icing on the cake!
  13. New Diesel Engine Review

    My car was ordered at the end of Feb and is being built on the 26th March or there abouts. I took advantage of the 'deals' for cars ordered by March 31st (4.9APR and deposit allowance etc). I wonder, given that the dealer is telling me the build is 26th whether it will be the new spec? Will Ford carry on buiding the earlier model to fulfill current offers etc? Would be a result to get the new spec - don't usually have that kind of luck. I'll ask the dealer when I get the chance - I guess if he looks on the system (Vista?) he'll be able to tell?
  14. New Diesel Engine Review

    Our 1.6TDCi Titanium is being built on the 26th of March - does anyone know, will it be 90PS or 96PS? I can't find any info anywhere about the new engine?