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  1. Ford Focus 56 Plate Stone Chip Problems

    I was getting starting to get stone chips along the side of the sill. Once I installed mudflaps this seemed to stop the problem. With regards to the rear door problem, the recent re-paint I did in the previous photographs is now all stone chipped and needing redone. I have ordered a strip of helicopter tape to see if I can fit is to the profile of the body, however I suspect it is going to be difficult due to the need to bend it in two directions. Incidently I first noticed the stone chips to the rear door/wheel arch after approx 10-12,000 miles. I did notice a 58 plate mondeo with purpose fitted molded tape in that area. I am now wondering if I can get this from ford and whether it would fit a focus body. Any ideas anyone? Cheers
  2. Ford Focus 56 Plate Stone Chip Problems

    Yes, the stone chips you have photographed is exactly what the driver side of my car is like..... My car is the 07 build and had a slightly modified body shape compared the its predecessors. Well thanks for all the advice / comments guys. If I find a good fix for this I will post it on the forum at a later date :)
  3. Paint Repair

    Hi all, I have damage on my focus bonet, two areas approx 3cmx3cm where a lorry kindly flicked up a large stone on the motorway. I have patched this up by applying primer and building up paint layer, sanding, painting, etc so that was flat. However no matter what i do, i can not get the paint to even closely resemble the surrounding paint. The paint is moondust silver. Bodyshop has said the only way to fix this is to do a complete re-spray. I just about collapsed when he told me the price. Does anyone have good links for how I might be able to make this damage look better? I'm not looking for perfection, just something that doesnt look like i have been colouring in on my car ;)
  4. Mudflaps

    Yup Mud Flaps are a must. I got a lot of damage to the sill of my car. Since fitting them I have not experienced anything other than light scuffing. What i would say though is that check how your rear door meets the back wheel arch. If its not flush stones will destroy the paint in this area. See my recent posting on this: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10841 The only cure i can see is to use helicopter tape in this area (although if anyone has any other suggestions i would appreciate them :) )
  5. Ford Focus 56 Plate Stone Chip Problems

    Oops, sorry for misquoting in the previous posting! Before I installed Mudflaps, the passenger side front wing of the car got stripped down to the metal where you describe and show in your photos. This was where the bodywork turned in also. Since installing the flaps I have not had any more damage to the sills other than light scuffing. I couldnt tell from the photo's, however it doenst look like you have the plastic sill guard on the underside of your focus that mine has. If you dont have it, it does provide a lot of protection and it might be worth while seeing if it can be retro-fited to yours? The body of the cars look relatively the same.... ? I was in a car park yesterday and found a few focus's which were the same age as my car, same model. They didnt have mud guards and didnt exhibit the damage that i am experiencing. I looked at the doors and they were 'almost' flush with the body of the car. So I would guess that it seems to be luck whether the doors have been installed correctly during manufacture. If indeed the ford bodyshop are correct in that the doors can not be adjusted, I would say that Ford have quite wide tollerances on how they install their doors. I did have a play with some of the door mounts and there doesn't seem to be any adjustment in them at all. Oh well :) While I am on, does anyone have good tips for blending in paintwork on silver cars? I have some nasty damage on the bonet due to a large boulder which got flicked up on the motorway.....
  6. Ford Focus 56 Plate Stone Chip Problems

    Hi, At last I have the photos to demonstrate what I am going on about ;) I agree with artscot79 that damage to the car is subjective and is very much what someone is prepared to accept. I suppose from my view point I accept stone chips occur but i dont expect them to be concentrated in the one area which routinely gets stripped of paint. For example I get occasional stone chips on the bonet which i patch up and never have to worry about again which is acceptable.... I think I will probably end up getting a body shop to fix the damage and get some helicopter tape to protect the area in question. I suppose my main issue with ford was that this was a significant problem when the car was 13 months old. Had it started happening now, after 3 yrs+, I might not have been so annoyed about it and more prepared to accept it. Overall View along worst affected side. You'll note that i have mudflaps installed... On the whole there is little to no damage to the paintwork: View of damage at rear door / wheel arch area. Damage is difficult to see due to me having repaired it, so i have highlighted it in the photo after this: Outline of damage - The solid line shows where most of the damage occurs. All of the paint came off down to bare metal over the winter. The dashed line is an area that i have been getting occasional stone damage but have been able to stay on top off by painting it periodlically. Admittedly the bad winter we have had, along with all of the grit on the roads, has most likely exacerbated the problem. Another view on the damage: I've tried to illustrate the difference in levels between the body work and the door: The other side of the car gets some limited damage however no where near as bad as this side. This will be because 1) most of the stones on the road will be in the gutter, and 2) the door and body work are better alligned. ************************************************************************ I liked the sill protectors. I will def. look in to those as the paint work in that area is getting scuffed. The seats in my car are starting to discolour after 3 years. I initially thought i had spilt something on them, but it is now becoming apparent that it's actually the surrouding material starting to fade. *************************************************************************
  7. Ford Focus 56 Plate Stone Chip Problems

    Thanks for the comments :) I just wish i had known about these problems prior to purchasing the car. When i first noticed the damage (at this point on both the front and rear wheel arch areas at around 13 months) I installed mudflaps. This has protected a lot of the paintwork around the front arches and along the sill. I would definately recommend installing these. I'll post photographs of the damaged area later on. I have seen posts that suggest applying helicopter tape. I may try that to see if it protects the area. **************************************************************************** As I was typing this Ford Customer Relations phoned (having seen the dealers report on the problem) and pretty much said this is how the car has been designed, and as such there is no manufacturers defect. However at the same time they admit that I shouldnt be out patching up a 3 year old car on a weekly basis. In conclusion it is my problem to fix. Despite the fact I enjoy driving my focus, and generally think its a great car, I would say I am seriously considering getting rid of it to avoid the continual mainteance and costly body work repairs within the next year or so.
  8. Mud Flaps

    I fitted mud flaps and it does help and i think they are worth it, however it doesnt stop the problem. Especially around the rear door / wheel arch area as this is a raised surface. Problem is dust / grit is carried in the air flow around the car and then hits this paint around this point. I'm now looking at installing additional protection in this area.
  9. Hi! I have a 56 Plate Ford Focus - I think this is the model before the most current. I have owned the car since new, and on the whole i am very happy with it. However approximately 13 months after purchasing the car I noticed that there was damaged occurring to the main chasis around the bottom corner of the rear passenger doors. From closer inspection I noted that the door was inset to the body/wheel arch in this location resulting in a raised ridge which is, as you would expect, getting bombarded by every bit of dust/grit/stone on the road. I have had this in and out of the local ford bodyshop and they have always maintained that this is normal wear and tear and happens with any car - something i completely disagree with. Over the last winter the area in question was stripped down to bare metal over an area of 5cm x 1cm wide. As such I have now taken this up with Ford Customer Relations who say that its likely 'normal wear and tear' which they are not responsible for, but asked me to take it back to the bodyshop for them to write up a formal report and take pictures. When i took it in this time, the specialist changed his tact and admitted that this is a very common problem with my generation of focus and that there was no known fix for the problem. He even went as far as saying that every second focus in this specific model has the same problem and that all new models of fiesta/focus/mondeo have been protected in this area. Finally he added that i would be struggling to get the customer relations centre to take any responsability for this problem. Clearly this is a design flaw with this car. His conclusion was that Ford will not do anything about this problem and that there is no fix (i.e. he could repair the damage only for me to be in the same position 2 weeks - 1 month later). He offered me 3 solutions: 1. Duct Tape; 2. Continual painting / repair of the area; 3. Find a body kit which provides protection to the area (e.g. molded plastic strip which can be stuck to the vunerable area). I did ask if the door could be adjusted to eliminate this raised ridge, however i was told the doors are fixed and any attempt to adjust them would just create more problems (such as water ingress, air noise, etc). Whilst i am waiting for Fords response on this, I am stuck with this maintenance problem that I can not keep on top of this problem and I have no solution to. (I am out pretty much every weekend patching up the paint) Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions on how I might protect the area other than options 1 or 2 above? Many thanks in advance!