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  1. wiring harness are hand made there tailored to the vehicle there going in and wire colours and thickness/resistence can change weekly not like cars of old where one was the same as another Oh and did i mention !!!kerching!!! on the price of one
  2. Body Control Main Interface or other words body control module
  3. best spec is what you can afford and then haggle for what you really wanted Good Luck
  4. buy another wire and cable tie the the connector together to stop it coming apart from each other
  5. TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN No.64/2010 07 October 2010 [Printable HTML page] Circulate to: Service Manager Body Shop Manager Parts Manager Foremen Receptionists Technicians © Ford Motor Company All rights reserved. This bulletin represents technical service information only. Without exception all gratis repairs and replacements are subject to the individual warranty and policy procedures of the supervisory Ford Company. The illustrations, technical information, data and descriptive text in this issue, to the best of our knowledge, were correct at the time of publication. Subject/Co
  6. Ford have a customer concern campaign ongoing were the breather pip has been reworked as it breaks down and goes soft leading it to split a new pipes available fitted a few recently
  7. Thats a point aswell to remember #spare wheel speeds lower but is meant a tempory fitment
  8. they should be of equal or better quality and safe useage ie tyres suitable for travelling at 100mph+ without overheating and causing a blowout capable cornring at poss speed your vehicle travels taking into account weight of vehicle and possiable load put on the tyres due to size. Q - for cars with max speeds up to 100mph (160km/h) R - for cars with max speeds up to 105mph (170km/h) S - for cars with max speeds up to 113mph (180km/h) T - for cars with max speeds up to 118mph (190km/h) H - for cars with max speeds up to 130mph (210km/h) V - for cars with max speeds up to 150mph (240km/h)
  9. Ka 1997 (09/1996–07/2008) Build Date: 09/1996-07/2008 Build Code: TL-8D Ka 2009 (08/2008-) Build Date: 08/2008 Onwards Build Code: 8E Onwards Assembly Plant: Tychy Streetka 2003.5 (01/2003–) Build Date: 01/2003-07/2005 Build Code: 3C-5A Fiesta 2002.25 (11/2001–09/2008) Build Date: 11/2001-09/2008 Build Code: 1D-8L Fusion 2002.75 (06/2002–) Build Date: 06/2002 Onwards Build Code: 2U Onwards Focus 2004.75 (07/2004–) Build Date: 07/2004 Onwards Build Code: 4D Onwards Focus 2004.75 (07/2004–) - Coupe Convertible Build Date: 07/2006 Onwards Build Code: 6M Onwards C-MAX 2003.75
  10. water pump has done my head in today help needed cant find how to get it out its all undone tried with pulley off but now thats in the way ive tried looking it up on the etis website but for some reason or mine cant find the way of getting it out the the pump wont pass down or up passed the chassis leg dont think the engine will drop enough or rise enough for clearence help if you can please Thanxs
  11. Working Hard So You Dont Have To

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