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  1. stalling!

    Have been back to a main Ford dealer to have a diagnostic run on my P reg Fiesta mk4 1.3. According to the computer, it's fine, though it had been running a bit lean ( which they sorted out). But despite replacing the air-control valve- (which seemed to work for a while) it stiil cuts out at low speed, and has problems when accelerating- it hesitates for a while- then accelerates like fury as if something has been blocking the fuel. It has been suggested that the coil packs may need replacing?...or HT leads?...then of course disconecting the air-volume monitoring unit to test if that is interfering some how. any further tips, info...greatfully received.
  2. running problems

    Hi Steve, just read your diagnosis below...I have a smilar situation. I've replaced my air control valve which worked for a while, but now I'm back to cutting out after breaking or slowing. Can you explain where abouts I should be checking for any split? Thanks in advance Lou
  3. Intermitant stalling

    I have a 1996 1.3 fiesta LX, which has developed a habit of stalling partically at low speed in heavy traffic where short 1st/2nd gears are selected. I've replaced the air flow valve (as suggested on assorted fault finding forums) which worked for a while but now the problem has resurfaced. Pretty sure its not injectors as have used REDEX over the last 3 months in an attempt to solve this. The only thing I'm thinking is it may be the fuel filter but any advice would be most welcome.