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  1. 59 Zetec S To The New St - Worth The Switch?

    i was in the same situation as you as i had an 10 plate zetec s tdci fully loaded which i had from new =great car,but then after looking at pics and reviews decided without driving it mind you! to just go for it, st=exceptional car. :D now its sat on my drive its not just the driving experience it's the whole package like the build quality it is way way better it's like all the gripes i had about interior quality they have answered aswell. you won't regret it mate as long as you can afford itl lol .
  2. St Mats?

    Well spoke to the dealer and they are going to send me these unique mats so will let you all know when I get them.
  3. St Mats?

    hi all just looking through the broucher of the st and it says unique st mats on all st's i didn't recieve these so did anyone else and if so what do they look like as i think my dealer will get a call pretty shortly!. thanks
  4. hi all, At last picked my st up and wow what a car! was sorry to see my zetec s go but that didn't last for long as soon as i started to drive this little rocket ship. here's some pics Old; new; Got the car on my drive for £14500 so very happy with purchase,went for the st1 this time round due to saving money on ford privilege the only extras that were added to this were privacy glass and the £250 for white paint. :) Only negative was the wait!
  5. My New St

    Bring on this sat and I'll be picking up my white one,seem to have been waiting forever!!!
  6. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    Decided to let the old girl go now and treated myself to a new st-1 in frozen white ,privacy glass,style pack ,can't wait to actually drive it big difference from 90bhp-182bhp lol .
  7. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    hi all just been into my local dealer about ordering an st1 in white and was told if i order today it will arrive back end of june!.
  8. Washing The Engine?

    Just use wet wipes ,makes the engine smell nice lol.
  9. Fiesta Mk7 Loose Window

    this happened to my drivers window also,so i took it into the dealership and they took a look at it and said it was the window retainer?so they tightened it up and its been fine since. :)
  10. Boot Comes Open

    this happened to me also last year,had it fixed under warranty with all the other issues i had!! as said by others It seems to be that water can get into the swich causing it to open but since it was fixed its not happened again must have been a faulty batch of switches that were fitted.
  11. What The Devil Is It?

    you use the funnel in europe due to thier diesal pumps having a larger diameter than ours
  12. i get it also and its getting annoying. :(
  13. Ford Privilege Discount

    i got the Gold pack as they say it included rear parking sensors supaguard velor mats boot liner total £736 well happy with that lot.
  14. Bluetooth Compatible Mobiles

    my htc hero works great never have any issues.
  15. Ford Privilege Discount

    i got this off and still got freebies thrown in and i still haggled them like an old woman lol. :)