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  1. Hi Sgt. Pressed the button and added the word that you told me to say.It asked me to say a house number street, and possibly post code.I used my old address and it worked fine. As stated the files i received are all from ford d/L on their site. Chris
  2. Hi, Been a little bit of a break through. I now have Sync 3.4 Build 22110 which went ok (usb D/L)and install. The better news is I have Maps11 also installed.I did it long winded via Wi Fi, noting the 18 files as they were D/L and installed. Did over 2 or 3 sessions keeping the system powered up, but able to not run engine for periods. Basically had to baby sit. After the last file install I did another scan for updates on sync and the two circles wirrled round and round for 3 mins with nothing so I assumed all ok. Why did I get so much grief with the USB method with Maps and not the Sync upgrade? I cannot say for sure but I now can take a good guess. This may help someone. Just over a year ago I did a sync and Maps 10 update, via Wi Fi, as again usb was giving me grief. My sync screen stated all software scans up to date. When I went to the Ford updates page and inserted my VIN, it still told me the updates were needed. I then found out about the interrogator s/w on the ford site to generate an .xml file. This I did and it updated the sync box but was left with the Map update box telling me I need a 8.2G D/L. Contacting Ford Customer Services I was told this would disappear in time. Two months later upon checking it was still there so I called again. I was told not to worry as my software was up-to-date and it will be sorted in time. In June this year( 8 months after last Ford contact ) I decided to check my VIN again see if there was any updates. Suprise surprise sync okay, map updates 8.2 gig required. I rang Ford customer relations to enquire what was happening and had my old case number. The operator seemed quite on the ball, stating, I have a very good idea what that is when I mention the 8.2 gig map update. She said a caller the day before had had the same problem, and she said it was a common problem that lots of customers were left with after the last maps upgrade and that it was found to be some voice files that Ford had to remove. She said I must've been left off the list of customers needing this removed from the data and would progress it forward for me. Three weeks later no change. I rang again and she said she would have another word. One week later I decided to check my VIN only to find that I could not get on the site it was down totally for that day. My thoughts were It has been taken down for maintenance, and are clearing all the customers in one swoop. Two days later went on the site to check VIN, it told me I needed a sync upgrade and there was nothing in the maps box, just explaining the fact that this sync had to be upgraded before any map information is available. WOW SOMETHING HAD BEEN DONE. I downloaded the Sync s/w via USB and installed with no problems. After uploading the . XML file to Ford, minutes later upon a refresh it said sync up to date and gave me a 23.9 gig Map download required. I downloaded this did the unzipping and this is where my problem started. SEE MY ORIGIONAL POST. I tried to install different way, no play ball. Fords are still checking with tec dept. away at present. So after installing via Wi Fi and getting the circles revolving to say no more updates, 10 mins later I went on the Ford update page. Put in my VIN.................Sync .... up to date. MAPS...........(NOT THE23.9G...... BUT 8.2G) Back to where we were nearly a year ago. They obviously did not go in and clear my VIN as they said they were going to. All I had asked them to do to go into my account with my VIN and zero everything as I was up to date to get rid of this 8.2 G. I feel this 8.2g file lurking in the background has caused all of my Map update problems via USB. Ford customer relations are ringing me next week to give me an update on what I reported previously. I will see what they come up with before I tell him I am up-to-date and what I have found. Chris
  3. Hi Sgt, No only files from Ford D/l site. I am not sure how these things work, would be easier if we were able to gain knowledge of. However, I have downloaded some of the files via Wi Fi as it connects in my garage, whilst i have the engine running. Perhaps that's where the F11 references are coming from. It might even be what is cocking me up, the fact that some files the D/L do not expect to be there are already there via the Wi Fi Will get to the bottom of. Chris
  4. Hi, This is like Star trek now. Going where man has bin before. Mine is exactly like yours. went back a screen to software versions. Interestingly Map data base and POI database refer to F11. Do you think this applies to a bit of Maps 11? Regards Chris
  5. Thanks again. Sgt. Again that's exactly what I have ,see screenshot. As stated the 3.4sync 22110 Build went like a dream, but the maps upgrade ( now I know what the update is keeps failing ) Get all the prompts, and screen notifications, as soon as you say install, system S/W update in progress appears on screen. This disappears after about 1 min, and if I am travelling 2mins later, I get Navigation Fail, see dealer. This is putback to normal with a soft reset. Tried 3 different D/Ls, 2 different USB sticks, using a download manager s/ware At no time does the sync restart so I guess as soon as the update notification disappears (2 mins ) the install has failed. Have let it go for over 2hrs each time. Regards Chris (Another Norfolk Boi )
  6. Many thanks SGT.AWilson That is the first time Ive been told the D/L is maps11. The lady at Ford did not confirm that. She thought it was a later in the year thing. My problem now is maps 11 will not install, only stating maps 10 on sync screen. The 3.4 build 22110 -Produce has installed successfully. I have been asked to send them screenshots of my D/L, the experts are away at present. Also told to D/L with a Download manager, which I have done. My present maps 10 were installed via Wi Fi which took ages, so hoping to use the usb this time such that you can move away from house whilst installing. Pity they cannot invent a way you can put a battery charger on, and do updates via wi fi without the engine running, and costing a fortune in petrol Thanks chris
  7. Hi Can anyone inform me if the 23.9g map D/Load offered on the ford update page is Maps 11, or just an update to Maps10. Also is available from Cyanlabs Regards Chris
  8. alexp999 Many thanks. No the s/w system disappears after 2mins. Thought had hit jackpot this time as no malfunction messages after 3mins. It did state system updated after usb removal and restart engine. However I now go back and wia wi fi it is still applying updates. During the period of the usb (hopefully doing its stuff ) I tried to update via wi fi and it would not connect. This I thought a good omen. I now feel the .xml file i generated is only for completing SYNC update. Do you know if there is an indication on the sync screen of successful install of this map update. a version number for example.It is not maps 12 is it, it does not state. Regards Chris
  9. SgtAWilson. Thanks for your input. When you say apparently you are unto date, is that because of the message you received as per screen shot ? This morning after a post on here I have done the following. Inserted the USB stick in the port in the console box. The system updating disappeared, but not so quickly as before. The Sync Navigation warning box never appeared this time The Sync, to my knowledge never restarted. I left it for just over 2hrs. Never got any prompts. Stopped engine, did key recycle. Upon engine restart with usb still in, got message, system updated. did another key recycle. Brought usb to main computer, NO .XML file. Downloaded the Log utility Interrogator. Inserted in car. System software updating message Installation complete. message Did key recycle Brought usb to main computer found a .xml. Uploaded , and then received the screenshot. However upon checking back 20mins later on Fords update site, still informed Sync OK updated Maps need 23.9G D/L Have you rechecked the Ford website to ascertain your VIN status? ie does it still say you need map download. Chris
  10. Unofix When it worked, did the system update message stay longer than 2 mins. Also did the sync restart after the quoted 35-45mins. Also did you have a DONOTINDEX file from the D/Load. This is bugging me.
  11. Did the words UPDATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE stay on the SyNC screen longer than 1 min. Did You get Navigation Malfunction. Go to Dealer. Regards Chris
  12. Has anyone been offered this update via the Ford update site, and been successful at total install. I did a check against my VIN and got offered the Sync update. I downloaded and installed, bringing it to 3.4 Build 22110. I was then after sending the received .XML to Ford,Offered Map updates 23.9G D/I downloaded, tried to install and it knocks out my Sat Nav, volume control, and speed limiter non function. It is meant to restart Sync after 35-45 mins to complete part 1. I leave it for full 2 hrs and can only get my Sync and other problems reset, by performing a soft reset. I have tried 3 times, using different USB sticks, and D/L with a DOWNLOAD MANAGER software. Fords answer. The words' updating software'disappear from the sync screen after 1 min and never returns Ford Customer service have no answers at present. When in my garage and connected to WI Fi, I get auto updates being D/Loaded and they are the same file names as those on the USB which will not install. Two of the have installed, but as you are aware this will take an age, and in the end I will not get an .XML to send to Ford . As such it will still tell me I need a 23.9G D/l The stated file DONOTINDEX is not present, but I understand this is not paramount. Any thoughts Chris Any thoughts Chris
  13. Hi, I own a 68 plate Ford Focus St Line X. During my warranty period a couple of times I got the ESC service required notification on my dash. All other messages telling me about all the things which were now not functioning, like traction control and hill start/auto hand brake etc. Took it to dealership, who stated as it had reset upon my stop/start engine and turn back on all is ok. Now out of warranty I have had the same alarm 5 times in the last 6 weeks. A engine stop/start and reset the auto brake hold puts all back to normal. Now the strange thing this happens every time I pass the same point on a road outside a supermarket with air cooling fans next to the road. Thinking back these were the same points as where the problem occurred when in warranty. Obviously something is getting picked up by my radar panel and switching off my system. Any Idea's, or has anyone had similar. Chris
  14. The radar is fitted as standard on this model and is used for things like pre collision warning
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