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  1. I noticed a small rubber pipe next the the fuel tank underneath my mk7 on the left hand side near the rear left wheel. Its connect by a clip to the metal pipe that comes from the fuel tank, its not connected to anything and is open ended went i bent it downward some wd40/white spirit smelling liquid came out of it. Put it back to how it was doesnt seem to affect anything. Does anyone know what it is? or have they got the same on their mk7?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how/if a new key transponder can be coded to start the car without going to the dealer? (they charge loads for this). I recently bought a flip key from ebay and had it cut. Coding the central locking was easy, but Im stumped on how to code it to the imobiliser pats. I was told you can do it yourself if you have the 2 original keys. Any help or thoughts would be great.
  3. fiesta 1.4 tdci cold start probs

    I have this same problem on my mk7 1.4 tdci, I have tested the battery and alternator personally, it does it usually when the temp is under 4 degrees. Have taken it to ford they cant find a problem.