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  1. Question On Rear Seat Dvd Sound

    I would be very interested to know how you got on as I had this problem at the start. My daughter is now 2 and will ware headphones and as she does my 1 yesr old just plays along. I did however also chase this... Will the volvo guys have a look at the connectors and see?
  2. S-Max 'immobiliser Active'.

    I had this problem as well and my garage tracked it to a faulty internal intrusion detection device that caused a catastrophic electrical failure in the car! A complicated way of saying that one of the sensors has a short and stuffed the car.. Fixed in 3 hours..
  3. smax official trouble topic

    I have a couple of problems I noticed: Updated - 2010-03-26 The satnav crashes out (happened 3 times in 8 months) and the only way to get it working again is to leave the car overnight - fixed after software update The Computer (nav, radio and everything else) system crashes. Requires restart. (happens every couple of weeks) - Fixed after software update Sometimes the power from the acellorator "flutters" at constant speed. (happens every few journies, and requires reboot) - Has not happened after power stering fixed Whining noise from power stearing when turing while moving. - Fixed by dealer after complete failure. Known fault. Service oil notification for "fix at next service" - Fixed at next service Alarm problem notification for "fix at next service" - Fixed by dealer after complete failure (faulty internal intrusion detection device that caused a catastrophic electrical failure). Bluetooth thelephone integration "redial" button never works an always sais "invalid number" - Fixed with software update Bluetooth thelephone integration sometimes fails (requires reboot) - Fixed with software update Bluetooth thelephone integration fails to start "Mobile voice recognition" option. - Fixed with software update I will keep this list updated as I will use it when I take the car in :) Does not stop me loving the car...
  4. noisy power steering

    I have this very same problem :) will get it checked out at the next services with all the other problems :)
  5. S-Max Sync Upgrade

    Will there be a Ford Sync upgrade for the current 2008 model S-Max? I think this would be a good idea, as I have a 7" touchscreen display and the Advanced bluetooth... So Technicaly, it should be as easy as upgrading the OS, but I am sure that there are hardware requirements.... Has Ford though about this?