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  1. My 2018 Zetec Certainly wasn't in any way affected by the noise. I picked my car up from dealer at the beginning of the week; they said that they'd just had another ST line in on a 68 Plate with the same issue, but they simply could not ID the cause, and will be in contact after raising a case with Ford. I have given the car a good test (Long run on various road types). As for the main 'knock', when watching various vehicles going over the offending section of road near my house, (I have a head on view (Or rear is the car is heading away), I can see that the although the car dips into the 'groove' in the road, the wheels actually compress upwards - Ironically I have noticed is very easily on VW Golfs (!!) - Zetec FIestas, (Non ST Lines) seem to have a bit of give (The car body can be seen to move a bit). I have yet to get a good study of how front wheels appear from the outside! Suffice it to say, having driven over smooth, rough, undulating and cobbled roads at all speeds the noise is only present as previously described. I've even driven on concrete slabbed road with noticeable gaps between each section - ironcally - believe it or not the ST Line is smoother over those gaps than my Zetec was! What I DID notice was a rattle (like something was loose) over some rough roads TODAY (like a sort of resonance induced) - and it was very noticeable. After a while I drove the same road again and the noise was gone! So the mystery continues!
  2. HI all Just wondering if anyone who's posted has any updates on their issue? I've have the same noise in my STL since picking it up in February. Due to one thing and another, I only got round to booking it into dealer last week; I had found this thread beforehand which was of course interesting! Dealer had vehicle, however I've just dropped it back off as technichan did say last week they could hear the noise on test drives, their car (same model) didn't have the noise but they'd need it back to spend longer trying to identify source, so, it's now in for a couple of days. In my case, I didn't think the noise was a concern as I had not secured the jack and brace (having quickly moved it from my precious car and flung it in), it was when I got round to sorting that when things started sounding 'off!'. From my own experience, as other have mentioned, it is a very specific sound (as if something is loose and knocking), a little too high pitched for suspension related; seems to be right hand side but I am not 100 % sure whether 'front' or 'side' as the noise does seem to travel. The noise only manifests in the following situations Low speed*, over any 'sharp' drop/edge and particularly bits in the road where cables/trenches have previously been laid and filled in then sink a bit. I've also noticed the noise when the LEFT wheel encounters a sunken drain cover (it does not need to be sharp edged, or pothole like) Although there is no problem on speedbumps (the tarmac/concrete graduated ones), there is a slight noise where these have a 'lip' at the top (e.g. concrete edging**) * The noise can (Very rarely) occur at speed, presumably when the road conditions are in favour - indeed there is at least one video on Youtube - a review when the car is being accelerated in third gear and the noise can be heard (drivers hands are on the wheel). ** Ironically the road which leads to my street contains several 'noise instigators' (even more ironically the overall state of the road is terrible but the noise only occurs at specific points: 1) A small (1/2 inch') pothole that barely is felt with the right wheel (normally I avoid it, however testing means I deliberately drove over it several times) produces the noise 2) Speedbumps: Two on the road: they both have what is concrete 2" Kerbing at the 'high point' - the tarmac is then sloped away to road level: on these ramps, the traffic has flattened the tarmac slightly leading to a half inch or so lip to the concrete retainer: this will cause a slight knock (the sharp edge?) 3) 'Dips' in the road. An mentioned earlier 'sunken' bits of road seem to be the main catalyst. Oddly enough there are two sections, again right next to where I stay - which are practically invisible unless you know where to look - and the 'down' and 'up' are four feet apart (not a small 12 or six inch gap) - the drop is about 2 inches, not acute but 'dipped'. The 'clunk' can be heard going in - and out ' of the dip(s) - so when the nose drops and then rises it makes the noise: Speed 10-18mph or so. If you speed up a bit you can avoid the noise! Since I can literally look up this road from the house, (and can say there were no issues with any previous vehicles - last was a 68 plate Fiesta Zetec ) I can see the road (at those points) does make cars 'dip then rise' noticeably. I am also reasonably sure that the REAR wheels also can produce the noise (But slightly less so) - not all the time however - does this mean they do, or that sometimes, whatever is causing the noise is 'rebounding'? (this is distinct from the very obvious noise when the front wheels dip)
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