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  1. I think they are okay; there's no strange sound coming from, but I will ask the garage!
  2. Hi to all, I bought a secondhand 1.6 EcoBoost 2011 S-Max. The car already went 3 times back to the garage because of a vibrating steering wheel. Vibrating is not vibrating heavlily, but it's annoying. The garage already have done: Align the car Balancing the tyres Replace the tyres (strange enough they put smaller tyres on it; 215/50/17 instead of 225/50/17) But the car still vibrates. Anyone ever encounter this problem? The steering ball joint was replaced last year, could a faulty replacement creates vibration?
  3. Hi Tim, I fund a set on e-bay for 50 pounds. Which is ridiculous. I found this on Aliexpress: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/1005002586944860.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.73d84c4dlivHdU It came quite fast (in 2 weeks). The size is the same, but it does not fit 100%. But with a hot screwdriver, I managed to make it fit. The form is also a bit different; the original has kind of 'bow', the AliExpress is 100% straight. However, for 10 EUR (I'm from The Netherlands) still a bargain and it works like the original 🙂
  4. I left a charger in the lighter; next day the battery was near dead. Never occured in my prvious cars, only in my 2011 S-Max 😲
  5. Hi to all, I want to install a reverse-camera on my 2011 S-Max (facelift-model). Does anyone’s know if there is pre-installed wiring (more of less plug-and-play camera), or do I need to install the wiring myself? Regards!
  6. Hi all, I am driving a S-Max 2011 1.6 EcoBoost since 4 weeks. I have refill the airco with 600 grams of cooling- liquid, because of my holiday in Italy. Currently, it’s about 33 degrees in Italy and the airco is okay, but that’s about it. The airco in my previous car (Toyota Verso) was freezing cold, but it seems the S-Max is more a cheap cooling box. 1. Does anyone know where the internal temperature-sensor is? 2. Is the airco of the S-Max not powerfull enough (comparing with my previous cars, the frontwindow and the dashboard under it are MASSIVE) 3. anyone advise how to get the airco freezing cold? 4. Is this a common S-Max ‘problem’? I have already calibrate the airco (just Google ‘calibrate’ S-Max’ and you will find the correct YouTube) Thank you!
  7. Hi Thomas, I thought I have a genuine infotainment system; at least it seams not aftermarket
  8. Hi, hope you can help me out. Bought a 2011 1.6 S-Max Ecoboost and the indodisplay only shows the tripcomputer and setting. I have seen simular cars which infodisplay items like telephone, navigation, radio etc. (car have the original Pioneer AVIC-F9210BT of AVIC F9220BT nav). See file below. Anyone idea how I can let the displayinfo shows more items than Tripcomputer and Settings?
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