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  1. Fiesta St Ball Joint

    It appears my drivers side ball joint has had enough, tightened it twice but its loosened up again. Can the balljoint be fitted easily to the wishbone, if I'm right in saying the ball joint is riveted onto the wishbone? Would most spurious ball joints come with 3 new bolts for securing to the wishbone? I.e. can I do this myself or does it need a mechanic. I've changed ball joints before just not on fords, it was a simple 2 bolts before.. thanks
  2. Steering Jerking On Left Turn

    SOLVED... driver side lower ball joint was loose..
  3. Steering Jerking On Left Turn

    hmm, what i discovered today is on left turn if I blip the throttle or floor it, it seems to pull around a lot, whereas if I just let it coast around the bed theres only a very slight jerk, I wonder is it the drive?
  4. On my Fiesta ST, when making a left turn, the steering 'jerks', as in it feels its shooting to the left, its fine making a right turn, and usually only occurs over 50kph, the left side of the car did hit a kerb at a bit of speed, damaged inner/outer tie rod, racking mounting bush? solutions? thanks
  5. Fiesta St150 Rear Stub Axle

    found one from a 08 ST being broken, sorted thanks guys
  6. Fiesta St150 Rear Stub Axle

    i presume its just the bare axle? anyone know of a few second hand axles floating around?
  7. Fiesta St150 Rear Stub Axle

    ah crud! :( thanks for the info.
  8. Fiesta St150 Rear Stub Axle

    turns out the rear beam is bent also :( can anyone confirm if the rear beam is the same across all Fiesta MK6 models ? can I get one off a 06 1.6 for my ST? thanks!
  9. Fiesta St150 Rear Stub Axle

    Can anyone tell me is the stub axle on the back of a 2005 ST150 (disc's + ABS) used on any other Ford model? I damaged mine but I'd rather get one from a breakers yard instead of dishing out for a new one. thanks