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  1. First of all - thank you all for the replies. I guess because of the chip shortage, Ford ships some of its vehicles with SYNC 3 "lite" (also called "2.5"). This is more basic SYNC system than SYNC3 (no navigation etc.) which connected directly to the ACM module (no APIM module). I saw a few threads about this topic (especially in the Fiesta forum) but couldn't find clear answers. I will ask in the FORScan Forum as suggested, Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I have Ford Focus MK4 Active 1.5 (182hp) 8-speed automatic with stock speakers and SYNC 3 "lite" (/SYNC 2.5). I would like to enable the "Engine Sound Enhancement" but I have only "as built" ACM in Forscan for some reason. Is there a way to enable this function using the values in the ACM (727-01-01 etc.)? Or I need different speakers/connection/hardware to start with? Another unrelated question - because of the "lite" version of SYNC, I don't have an APIM module. Is there a way to change the splash screen? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi all, First of all - sorry for my bad English. I have a Ford Focus Active (MK4), and it has a very strange AC issue. The car is under warranty, but first I want to ask you if you know a possible solution. The problem is that the air flow randomly stops at once (no air coming out of the vents), and the some time later (seconds/minutes) suddenly starts again. I can hear the AC working but no air coming out. The funny thing is that it seems to depend on the vibrations of the vehicle. For example, if the car is stopped and there is no airflow, I can physically move myself in the seat a little bit (to shake the vehicle) and the AC comes back on for some time. Same for breaking and accelerating - starts and stops randomly. When the AC works - it works great. Amazing cooling and airflow. BTW - It has nothing to do with the "start & stop" system. It feels like there is something "swinging" and blocking the air vents. It could be a bad electrical connection to the blower but it stops and starts blowing at once and not gradually like in a normal operation. Any ideas? Thanks again.
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