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  1. Will do John but may take a couple of weeks .just watching the YouTube videos on how to do the basics
  2. Thanks Daniel , music to my ears ,this is showing just the front before clean ,don't think they're heated but've got a centre seatbelt ,not that I'd use it but would comply with insurer and dvla . they're from a Focus MK3.5 going into a Focus MK2.5 . hope I can make them fit . over 5 hrs there and back . expensive mistake if I can't . thanks Daniel
  3. Nice one John , so the 4 seater now looks like a 5 seater like it no need then to inform insurers , like it
  4. Thanks for reply Daniel, when you say MK3 ST do you mean Focus MK2 ST3 not Focus MK3 ST2 or ST3 (can be confusing) as when referring to MK2 or MK3 that's the Focus MK2 or 3 ? but But ST2 or ST3 or ST-2 or ST-3 are the seats (i can get confused) found a cracking set of "MK3.5 Recaro ST-2 1/2 leather" 5 seater (has centre strap) but don't know if they could be made to fit
  5. Hi Guys , help please ,wish to change the heated Titanium cloth seats to half leather ,nothing around for a 5 door .(need 5 seats for ins. co. and dvla). would mk3 seats fit or mk3.5 seats fit apart from the pretensioners (lovely set on ebay) or Mondeos or ??? any advice greatly appreciated best regards Exeman
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