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  1. No kidding? I've now read a few threads saying the same thing on various vehicles - one chap and his POLO have the exact same problem. He said that he'd occasionally forget and drop a whole bottle in (double drop) and it would religiously cause a fault. My only guess is that the fuel is running a little rich with Redex which in this case isn't isn't dangerous thing but triggers something nonetheless. Thanks for the reply! Perhaps its time to hang up the ol' Redex!
  2. Thanks for the reply! Care to explain? I've now read a few threads that have said the same thing - one from a bloke in a POLO who quite frequently accidentally 'double doses' each time he gets an engine fault. I realise that on the the bottle it says NOT to do so and that only every 3000-5000 miles (or something) could this possibly be why? I use the standard redex diesel occasionally and maybe the combination of residual redex plus the DPF cleaner plus my tank not being completely full could all possibly contribute to the engine thinking its eating something other than fuel? Thanks again for the reply. 😄
  3. After just having my 2011 1.6 TDCI Mk2 Ford Focus on 80k fully serviced and MOTd (no advisories) I filled the tank up and took her for a drive - everything running smoothly with no dramas. As the car had been sat prior to its service I decided it's be a good idea to drop a Redex DPF cleaner in there (the one shot per tank one in the silver bottle) my tank had about a fifth of fuel missing. Upon using, car actually felt quite perky and I was pleased, I decided to take it out for a proper drive getting up to motorway speeds. After about a kilometre an engine malfunction appears on the dash. I experienced no loss of power, no noises, no nothing. Car appeared to drive identically. Regardless I pull over. Upon restarting the car (so I can double check on what fault I just got) I noticed the dash was clear. It made a single beep when I received the fault and then stopped but now its completely gone. The only thing I can think is that the bottle of Redex inside the not full fuel tank had caused the issue. There was a garage around the corner so I rolled down to it and topped the fuel up. Upon starting the car again I find that once again the malfunction has disappeared? I chance it and drive home staying under 50 without any problems. Could it have been the Redex? Is that a thing? Any thoughts appreciated!
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