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  1. Happy Birthday bottletree!

  2. Dpf

    I wasn't aware of these type. At least that's some expense saved. Now all we need is a DPF which lasts the lifetime of the car hahahahahaha.
  3. New Owner Needs Some Advice Please

    My God what a !Removed! joke this dreaded dpf system is. I got rid of my last car(focus) because of this very thing. If you don't do much motorway mileage I recommend 15 to 20 mins run getting the revs at around 3000 to 3500 revs. This is because it has to get hot enough to force a regeneration. I did this with the Focus and the car ran perfect afterwards. Do this at least once a month to keep the filter clear. You think thats bad. My car went into limp mode due to a blocked dpf and I had done 600 miles previously on the motorway. THREE different garages said to me that in 5th gear and doing 2200 revs is not going to get it hot enough or cause a regeneration. I stuck it into 4th gear and kept revs high and it worked a treat.
  4. Spare Key

    Thank you. I will do this.
  5. £850 +Vat Dmf And Clutch?

    Well fortunately the Mrs stumped up the cash and a friend has recommended a mechanic from a local dealers who does work on the side. So to cut costs in future I will get the parts as cheap as possible and get him to do the labour.
  6. Daylight Running Lights

    They had this up and running in Croatia about 7 years ago when I hired a car there for 3 days.
  7. New Ford Ka Fuel Cap

    I didn't think locking petrol caps were necessary anymore due to the anti siphon fuel pipes. Besides if they want your fuel don't they just cut the pipes these days?
  8. Spare Key

    I didn't get a spare key for the Cmax and was wondering how much these cost. Would I have to go to Ford dealers or can any car spares do it? Think there's a chip in the fob to disable the immobilizer so I think it wouldn't be cheap. Any info would be appreciated...Thanks.
  9. I've got a C-max 2 litre diesel and could not engage gears properly. Got it to garage and its the dual mass flywheel and clutch that needs replacing. God I nearly collapsed when he told me how much to fix it. £850 + VAT. 6 hours work. So I'm organizing a sponsor me day. I will be mostly sat on my bum watching TV. All monies will be going to a charity which at this moment I cant disclose. cough cough.
  10. I would like to know more about my car i.e. spec and whether or not it has a dpf etc. Where can I get this info?
  11. Front Wheel Bearings

    Well I had the front discs and pads renewed at a cost of £186. There is no problem with the bearings thank goodness. The guy said I didn't have standard 16 inch alloys and the 18's were probably making the noise.
  12. Wing Mirror Light

    God what will they think up next. Dog poo light hahahahahahaha
  13. Wing Mirror Light

    There's a light under the wing mirror on my cmax Ghia and I was wondering what the point of it was? It's not the indicator light, but another white light under the wing mirror itself.
  14. Focus/c-Max Buying Advice

    In the last week I just changed my focus 1.6 2006 diesel for a 2 litre 2005 C-max. The difference is huuuuuuge, I got rid of the focus because of dpf issues and only after 54000 miles,pathetic. This cmax may be a year younger but doesn't have the dpf. Yes its slightly more tax and poorer mpg,but its going to cost me vasts amounts less in the long run. When you go for a new model don't go for the basic lx or style models. Get the zetec or ghia. Much better options and extras.
  15. Front Wheel Bearings

    So a garage may charge up to £200.