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    Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Unlock the Digital Dash on Fords This information is sold on eBay as UNLOCK YOUR FORD LCD DASH DISPLAY FOCUS PUMA FEISTA.... DO NOT BUY IT COS ITS HERE..... Ford Puma Digital Dash Unlock - MPH / KPH / Revs etc. Unlock Digital Dash on Ford FOCUS FIESTA MONDEO ESCORT Unlock Your Ford Cougar / Mondeo / Focus / Ka Display Details Self Diagnostics Mode The Self Diagnostics Mode gives you in-depth information about your engine and the actual numbers in digital. To use it, follow the steps: * Insert Key but do not turn it on * Press and hold the Trip Meter Reset Button * While holding the reset button, start your car and continue holding the button * Within 10 seconds, the display should change to "test" in LCD font and the needles will do a full sweeping. Release the Button Pressing the button will now cycle through some 17 different modes * 1.Shows a Gauge Sweep * 2. Shows all 8's on the LCD (LCD TEST) * 3. Illuminates all the bulbs on the dash * 4. Displays hexadecimal value for ROM level * 5. Displays the hexadecimal value for EE level * 6. Shows DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) * 7. Digital Speedometer - mph * 8. Digital Speedometer - kph * 9. N/A * 10. Digital tachometer * 11.Fuel volume * 12. Engine coolant temperature * 13. Battery voltage * 14. ABS fail * 15. Electronic brake distribution (EBD) failure * 16. Illumination * 17. Crank Sense
  2. I've just fitted a nice swan neck tow bar to the wifes focus but ran out of light for today, so have left the electrics until tomorrow, looking forward and with regard to the electrics for the standard 7 pin trailer socket does anyone know if there is and of course where it is, a quick fit socket in the existing loom to plug in or at least pick up from a single point the electrical connections for the trailer socket ? Thanks for any assistance, oh its an 57plate focus climate if that helps. Aj
  3. andybristol

    Cruise Control - Is It Just A Sterring Wheel & Pcm Tweek

    Darn shame cos I've found a chap with several new steering wheels with the controls fitted, he wanted around £30.00 a piece so it seemed a cheap place to start, now all the obsticals. So is the fuse box above the correct type for the modification ??? thanks Andy
  4. Hi all, yes another newbee but hey we all gotta start somewhere ! Has anyone on here fitted cruise control to thier focus.... I've got a 57 plate 1.8 petrol/lpg (with climate pack, don't think that'll make a difference) I've had a look around the web but it seems that some people say one thing and other don't I rang my local Ford dealer today and they said "Quote, we wouln't recommend fitting an aftermarket kit !" Not what I asked him but thats usual as they never listen to what you say ! So I tried again by saying so it not just a ford steering wheel with the controls fitted and pcm flash then... he replied, "you'd have to bring it in and we'll look at it", not very inspiring was it ! So here I am... none the wiser, has anyone been there done it ????? was it just a simple plug and ("flash") play job as are most seem to be nowadays. I was going t contact Ford Tech line until I seen it was £1.00 a min... what are they on ? THANK YOU for any advice or evidence of it being done.