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  1. Hi, Just paid £700+ on a new turbo on my 1.6 TDCI 56'reg 44,000miles. I was told I could have avoided the problem if I change the oil every 6 months rather than 12 and no excessive revving -which I didnt think I did. He also muttered it was a problem with the Focus models. Pity he never told me that on previous services :( Anyway, I am uncertain of what parts I should keep and eye out for, to catch the problem before something major happens. Could you guys give me a checklist on parts most likely to replace and the time between changes. Eg. Timing/cam belt, disc brakes, filters, fluid replacement (rather than topup) etc...
  2. Buying a new car - need advice

    Hi, New to this forum and I need some advice. I have set my heart on a new focus 1.6 hatchback (new shape) and the only decision is if I should buy a diesel instead of petrol? Apart from the lower tax I would be paying (£35) - would I still be saving on my fuel? I had a word with the Ford sales rep and he said that a 1.6 Petrol would do around 350miles and a 1.6 diesel would run 550miles on a full tank. I dont know if these figures are accurate. Could any of you guys give me your experience of fuel consumption in your cars. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.