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  1. Parts To Salvage Off A Focus V Reg Ghia?

    Nope it's a v reg if it makes any difference but there's no half leathers or alloys, Probably get £150 from scrappys, hoping to get another £150 possibly, so far I've got boot struts, lamps all around, parcel shelf, Bonnet mech Airbags? Steering wheel, radio, centre console, wing mirrors, dipstick, car battery in there so £4 extra for that, What are the common part failures?
  2. Mates scrapping a car tomorrow its finished, its a v reg focus ghia in dark blue, dents and laquer peel on all panels, front tyres gone, seems rear flexi hose has a weep, and crack in screen, stll has mot for a few months though! scrappy will probably give £140, and what else could we salvage, bearing in mind the car needs to be driven onto the ramp, or would it be better to sell whole as spares repairs? its a petrol 1.8 ghia
  3. Turns out after bit of research and some help I've found our it's actually a cat c on dvlas database, so hpi check 78888 seems slightly inaccurate! Can't be bothered with this mondeo, hundreds out there so I'm just gonna strip it down and scrap it.
  4. Yeah I'm convinced it's a ringer, in the hpi check it says scrapped "YES"
  5. i got a thread in general chat, but essentially the car is a Cat B write off and has been scrapped according to hpi check! :(
  6. Ahh ... Clone? How do I confirm it vin plate against the hpi check? It was the hpi check that said it was a cat b and Dvla said they require a Vic check in the letter,
  7. Hi, bit of a crappy evening! We seem to be out of pocket of a few hundred! Basically we have here a mk3 tdci, 2005 plate we bought if for £600, Unfortunately we were concentrating solely on mechanical issues, the bodywork did not look at all out of line or show any cause for concern when we went to view, Not bothering we did not do a hpi check, however we now have a letter from Dvla stating we have to get the car Vic checked, then immediately text checked it came back as a cat b write off! I have been inspecting the car all shut lines are accurate, boot is straight, chassis rails are straight, I checked the front slam panel on inspection all straight.. Can't see how it was a cat b? The car does however seem to pull to the right upon accelaration, and steering rack was gone on it.. I've checked websites who claim cat b cars should be scrapped and never resold, so do I have any legal standing against the guy who sold it to me? It's had only two owners from new Any help much appreciated,
  8. Lol yep belts been routed properly but my friend who owns the car received some interesting news earlier which has now rendered the car scrap! So all that work for nothing, 😔
  9. I've taken it back off, much easier 2nd time round got the tensioner off in about 10 mins! I should of taken a vid but essentially the tensioner itself was shaking around? Where it joins on to the bracket via an Allen bolt, that lower area, upon inspection it seems tight I torqued it down and theres no play at that join, idler pulleys running straight with no movement, However the spring where it joins on to the tensioner is a tad loose and has movement but looking at the condition of the old one doubt could be that... When I attached the crank pulley I torqued it down tippexed a point and air gunned it approx 90 degrees,
  10. Oh !Removed!... Is there a way of confirming its the ac pump? Any other symptoms, it wasn't doing it on the old tensioner, It's shaking at the pivot where it bolts to the bracket I'm gonna see If I can get an Allen key down there and tighten it up further, Belts seated fine and tensions perfect,
  11. Should I switch back old crank pulley and see if it helps
  12. Just started it up did idler pulleys tensioner belt and crank on a tdci it started up and within 20 seconds the tensioner was shaking very fast and making a loud rattling noise all bolts were loctited and tightened, tensioner pulley was torqued, What happened? Is it the crank?
  13. Grease Idler Pulleys?

    lol nah, ebay tensioner was £35, drivebelt was gates at £9
  14. Grease Idler Pulleys?

    It was shaking, the tensioner was completely fubard, the mounting for the spring was loose and bolt was rounded off so someone's been down there,
  15. Grease Idler Pulleys?

    Yeah I've got all new idler pulleys tensioner belt and crank, I just put a bit of grease where the idler pulley bearing actually mounts on to the pivot so it's not completely dry, thread locked and torqued the torx bolt down