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  1. class Zetec thinks it brill...

  2. Nice Zetec S, what have you done to it? both interoir wise, mechanical wise and exterior? I really like it looks good :D

  3. Hello mate yes i have n 2008 plate and its exactly the same i use it for work which is going frm 1 house to another n i used ridiculous amounts of fuel ive tried puting them fuel saver magnets on but they have not made no diffrence only way to make it last longer is not drive it :P lol or change gears reli earleir i did this for about a week an i was getting 44mpg out of it then (Y)
  4. hi, i havent been to any of your meets yet where is it going to be at and when?? cheers scott
  5. scotty598

    Ford Meets

    Any ford owners live in and near derbyshire no of any meets which are happening this year???
  6. hope you like the pix if u wana see some more just ask :)

  7. scotty598

    my zetec S in progress

    Here are a few pix of my fiesta, from standard to how it is now hope you like if u have any other ideas what i could do 2 it please say p.s no body kits though haha
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