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  1. Ford Focus Mk1

    Hi, My mate somehow managed to get a bag strap stuck in the lock bit on the inside in the boot of my car, it cant be pulled out its too tight, and now the boot wont open and the door light is lit up now on the dash. Any ideas of how to open up the boot or get the strap off??
  2. Stereo Problem!!!

    Yep theyre the plugs i had and thats exactly how i fitted it. I checked over it when i swapped them back and im sure i did it correctly, ive fitted h/u's before for my myself and mates with no problems. I did also fit the stalk adapter which i havnt done before though but it seemed really straight forward.
  3. Stereo Problem!!!

    Thanks for your reply, I decided in the end to just put the old h/u back in to see if that helped and its back to normal and seems to be working fine whereas before there was no electrics at all, any idea how the aftermarket h/u could have caused this to happen???
  4. Stereo Problem!!!

    Hi, today i fitted my aftermarket head unit in my new car, a ford focus. Its the same aftermarket head unit i used in my old car and i had no problems. After i fit it today it worked fine. About three hours later i went back out and the car started but choked a little bit. Another three hours later and ive gone out again to find that the electrics seem to have gone. The car wouldn't start electric stuff like the interior lights, stereo, dashoboard lights etc came on and went off and there was a faint thud sound and then everything went. There seems to be a little bit of life in it but theres definitely a problem with the electrics caused by the head unit fitting... I'd be greatful for any help please!!!! Cheers