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  1. I was quite fortunate that Mazda & Ford in South Africa operate from same dealerships and that the parts guy was friendly and very helpful. Ford calls the faceplate "Panel Center" and the price was R800 (approx. 70 Pounds).
  2. Eventually got the faceplate locally. Ford part number is: UF5L55210. Kenwood would be installed now except I was sold a T-Harness instead of an ISO-to-car harness that I asked for . Nick, do you have a part number for the harness or did you have to cut wires?
  3. You're correct. That is my dashboard and the illumination is predominantly red. But hey, at 25deg latitude, daytime is bright throughout the year, so dash illumination will always be a night-only issue. My Kenwood does not have variable illumination colour anyway. I'm prepared to live with these night-driving Christmas Tree effects for now. I have ordered the Kenwood CCD-2000 Rear View Colour CCD Camera from Dynamic Sounds. That was the best price I found at 100 Pounds.
  4. Thanks a lot. I'll wait for you to guide on this. Get pricing to send via courier company. It's a little expensive, but this is not the place to discuss what happened to previous orders that UK based Internet shops tried to mail to me using regular mail. Suffice it to say, don't even think of sending via regular mail. In anycase, I'm planning my first long distance family trip in the Everest over Easter, so sending via courier is just about the only way to finish this project on time. It's the Kenwood DDX-8039 (UK equivalent is the DDX-8029) that I'll transfer to the Everest. Did you need any special harness or does your Ranger have ISO connectors? If you can get around to it, could you please post pictures showing how you mounted the reverse camera? Thanks.
  5. Well done on your ICE Nick. It looks very good. It's a big help as well, been searching for the trim plate. Do you have the website where you bought the trim plate from? When searching the net for the part number you supplied, I get pricing in excess of $90 --a far cry from the ten pounds. I really appreciate your post above as I've been stuck trying to move my Kenwood from A3 to Everest (same dash as the Ranger).