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  1. Hi, does anyone know if and when the auto g/box needs service/oil change and if so, the cost !! Many thanks
  2. if you rev the engine slightly and the noise speeds up could be tappets maybe, anyway just a thought.
  3. Had my rear brakes adjusted at the dealers, now works on the first click, suspect that they adjusted it via rear drums so it is possible.
  4. Car just been into the dealers, they adjusted the rear brakes and is now much better, handbrake on with the 1st notch done under the warranty.
  5. Think this comment is unnecessarily rude, I was just confirming it with you.
  6. Ty. So are we saying that the air bag light stays on?
  7. Hi can someone tell me whether the air bag light by the interior light should stay on permanently please as I thought that they it just comes on when ignition switched on and it goes off. Ty
  8. Hi. interested in views on comfort etc on long journeys, say 300 plus, is this a comfortable car for that sort of journey. Many thanks.
  9. I have noticed when warm the pressure goes up a couple of notches.....at least according to the instruments therefore the reason for asking..
  10. Hi Does anyone know whether the tyre pressures quoted on the door pillar are hot or cold pressures? Many thanks. Rod
  11. RGV


    Ty very much
  12. Hi all does anyone have or know where there is a spare wheel for 2019 ecosport for sale. Many thanks
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