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  1. Well the good news is that I finally got the interrogator to run. Didn’t download the log file first time but did the second. Uploaded to Ford site which now shows map up to date. Bad news is that when I start the car it is still sometimes saying “Installation in progress……” without any usb stick inserted. Also, although F10 map is installed (and was from first interrupted update) ther Gracenote version is blank. I’m hoping that in a few days the Ford site will offer another update to resolve things. Meanwhile I’m liaising with Ford.
  2. Thanks again. Unfortunately, I deleted the original download to ensure I had a clean USB for the interrogator file. So not an option. My biggest worry is that the error has stopped the Sync from recognising new updates - hence not recognising the interrogator one. Will just have to wait on Ford I think
  3. Thanks for the reply which explains why it went wrong, as I did the key cycle when it had already started the second part of the update. I did try to re-run the whole update several times but it quickly gave the reader PKG_ERR03. When I got home I went to re-download the whole update from Ford so I could try again with a fresh pack. However, the flipping car used my house wifi to check for updates before I got a chance. So when I went to the site it was (and still is ) offering a 9.4GB update - which will not download. That's when I tried the Interrogator file. Like you I have never had a problem using the interrogator before but it just won't do anything. Additionally, when I put the ignition on this morning - with no USB plugged in - I got a message that there is an update in progress. Then a few seconds lated I got a message saying the installation was complete and would take effect on the next key cycle. All very weird! I have now contact Ford via their chat service and they have raised a "case" for me. Not holding my breath for a fix though.
  4. Thanks billybob66. Tried that, unpacked it onto USB, started car, put the USB in.....nothing happens! Have tried two different memory sticks - never had that problem with the Interrogator before.
  5. Sgt. When you managed to successfully install the F10 update did you manage to do a key cycle between part 1 & 2? I just ran the update, after 40 mins it said to do a key cycle but before I could it restarted Sync and started updating again. Wasn't sure what to do next, so decided to stop and do the key cycle. Then got the dreaded PKG_ERR03 message! I now have F10 maps but no Log file to load onto the Ford web site. When I try re-inserting the the USB it just gives me the PKG_ERR03 message, saying some functions will not work until I re-download the software and install again. When I go back on the Ford web site it is now offering me 9.4GB update which I cannot download because it just gives the constant "Please wait....." message. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  6. Did you download the f10 map update from the official Ford uk web site or from the other site you mentioned find via Google previously?
  7. Have you tried downloading the log file generating file in “troubleshooting” on the Ford website?
  8. What concerns me with CyanLabs is the number of feedback comments on their site from people saying their installation has gone wrong. Personally I’m not brave (or foolish) enough to risk it.
  9. Thanks. My files are now the same as those.
  10. Well, it turned out to be nothing to do with downloading from the Ford site. My problem was I had forgotten that the size of the zipped file and the unzipped one combined is over 48GB - I only have 42GB spare storage on my Mac. And, like and idiot, when I had tried to unzip directly to the USB stick I used a small capacity stick! Seem to have the correct files now, albeit most of them are slightly larger than the ones shown in the PDF posted by pcaouolte. Need to wait for a long drive opportunity now to see if the car updates okay.
  11. Thanks for the information - and access to the list of file, very helpful. I'm using a MacBook. When downloading previous updates I learned that I need to use Google to access the Ford web page and the "Decompressor" app to unpack the files. However, it's clearly not working this time. I've read elsewhere in the forum of a problem with the download that can cause the unpacking issue. A fix suggested was to take the "S" out of the "HTPPS" address of the download link and that seems to avoid the download issue. So I think I'll try that first and if it makes no difference have a look at some different apps to unzip the files.
  12. Are you able to tell me what files you got on the USB stick after unpacking them? I've spent all day trying to download the F10 map update for Sync 3.0. Keep getting error messages when unpacking the files. Last attempt I ended up with: autoinstal.list (0 bytes), DONTINDX.MSA (0 bytes), and in the SyncMyRide folder: GB5T-14G386-AC.tar.gz (o bytes), HB5T-14G386-TJB.tar.gz (25 KB), JR3T-14G421-BG.tar.gz (4.02 GB), JR3T-14G422-BF.tar.gz (0 bytes), JR3T-14G423-AB.tar.gz (0 bytes) and JR3T-14G424-BG.tar.gz (2 KB). But I still received a failure message from the app I used to do the unzip!
  13. Now there appears to be a an issue getting updates downloaded from the Ford site. Used the chat facility and was told it is a known issue and I should try agin in a few day. You'd think someone would have the sense to put a message to that effect on the page!
  14. See my previous posts above. Having messed around with installing the 0gb update it’s now offering me a 24gb one. Will download it later
  15. Returned to car this afternoon and put the memory stick back in. Within a few seconds got the "update complete" message and it downloaded the log file correctly. Just uploaded that on the Ford site, will see if it makes any difference.
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