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  1. ^ Rishi is taking notes! Could even be a lot higher. £500 won't cover the loss in revenue of fuel duties in a lot of cases. I am hoping that a small and simple engine (relatively) like the 1.25, ie. without a fancy wetbelt, chain or turbo, will be a useful thing to have in future, when more complicated cars are scrapped because they end up costing thousands to repair when they get much beyond 10 years old.
  2. It is possible that a 15 plate being £30 is because the car is a late registration of a slightly older revision of the engine I guess. If the following link is correct... https://www.parkers.co.uk/ford/fiesta/hatchback-2008/car-tax/#57295 It appears that Fiesta 1.25s up to March 2010 are £155. Then until late 2012 it was £130. Then changed to £30 until Feb 2015 when it goes back to £130. Then to £155 from the point in 2017 where the tax system changed again.
  3. Exactly the same model and spec (AFAIK), just Zetec manual. Can't swear that the tyres are the same exact size but I assume so, the wheel are still 15". I'm currently paying £280 I think it is, for my ancient Puma, so even £130 is a big improvement. £30 would be great though. (I am avoiding the 1.0 model due to distrust of the engine and potential for big bills with all the things that can go wrong or need changing which the 1.25 doesn't suffer from.)
  4. I see the 'extra urban' fuel economy is supposedly slightly better on the older, 120 emissions model than the newer 122 model. Although the combined mpg is quoted as identical for both cars.
  5. Yes, as far as I can see. There are 2015 64 reg Fiestas where it's £30 and then 2015 15 reg where it's £130 because the emissions have gone up by 2g/km. So it seems like something was tweaked by Ford somewhere.
  6. I am looking to get one of these cars, and in my price range I see that some of them are £30 tax a year, others are £130. Looks like it changed to the higher rate in 2015? Both have the same quoted bhp and torque figures, and performance. But one has 120g/km emissions, the other 122 which pushes it into the higher band. What I'm wondering is, what change did Ford make, was it to correct some problem with the older engine somehow? The cost of the tax isn't going to be a major factor in me buying the car, but £30 tax would be nicer obviously. I'm wondering if the newer car perhaps fixes something wrong with the older one though. Because otherwise why would Ford knowingly push it into a higher tax band like that.
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