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  1. No Sound From 'woofers

    I attempted that today, but they just remained adamant that when they tested it, it worked fine and it must have gone wrong in the week that they've not had it. Its made more difficult for me as the car was picked up a week ago (only noticed today as it was the first time I drove it and my parents are over 60 - so no bass love from them!) If I could get the paper work, I might be able to argue my point better. Thanks for your help though, I'll let you know the outcome.
  2. No Sound From 'woofers

    Thanks, Yeah, this is going to be a lot of fun for me... Yeah, the stereo turns on okay, CD player works fine (all through the tweeters). I'm guessing this is why they are being so slow/stupid about getting the paper work to me. Am I right in thinking that the tweeter are fed off the same power as the woofers - that's what I was told by the service manager.
  3. No Sound From 'woofers

    Crazy stuff. In that case... What would be the likely cause the four woofers to fail (In case I have the wrong name, they're the larger speakers on the doors)? Unless the mech's were working outside their remit - had some fun with them, no idea what they did with my car, they claimed originally that the alternator had not arrived, then that it blew and melted the battery terminals, and then that they had no problem installing it. Trying to get some paper work off them at the moment, but that's not going well either. Edit: Are there any websites (preferably with pictures - I'm a lazy student) that I could take a look at in an attempt to teach myself a bit about car stereos/electrics? - I'm happy to have a poke around in my own time. I've tried googlin' the topic, but not come up with much.
  4. No Sound From 'woofers

    It's all the standard "titanium" stereo. Could the job of putting in an alternator mean that they disconnected or interfered with any of the power output to the stereo?
  5. No Sound From 'woofers

    Hi all, I'm new around here, so apologies if this has been covered before (or if the topic is easily google-able, i've tried to no avail). The problem: After having my alternator replaced by Evans Halshaw (under an extended warranty), my woofers have not been working - no sound whatsoever. This lead me to believe that something simply hasn't been connected back up, as the tweeters work fine, and if the woofers were simply broken, wouldn't there still be some sound/would they all really fail at the same time? Went back to Halshaw, and the service manager denies that they could have done anything that would cause this, they have offered to have a look but essentially told me I'd be paying for it. I know little about car stereo's, could they have done something while installing the alternator? Its pretty evident that the speakers worked fine before, but not after they had it - although the service manager talked some rubbish about "co-incidence" and how he personally tested the radio. Any help from you guys (and girls) would be greatly appreciated. info: The car is a Focus Titanium '06, bought from Evans Halshaw last year. Speakers worked fine before (blummin' beefy I'd say), and now no sound/vibration at all from the woofers I'm a student, so I couldn't personally pick the car up, not that I would have thought to check the speakers if I had (my parents did notice a scratch which, after some arguing with the service manager, they got sorted) Any more info needed, just let me know. Edit: I'm fine with lookin' under the bonnet and fiddling with basic stuff, as long as I'm given good instructions. No idea where to start, so thought I'd better seek out some real people with real knowledge.
  6. Hi all, I'm a student, with a ford focus. The rest I'm sure you'll learn about me. I'm a long time user of the site, but decided to finally join as I have my own questions, and it seems like one of the better boards.