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  1. i had a replacement engine fitted recently. when i picked the car up, it felt different. the revs were running higher than normal, but only whilst it was cold. It now has a whistling / whining noise also, but not immediately. I have a daily run to work of roughly 3 miles. when i pull up to stop. the revs are around 1500 - 2000 and the noise is really loud. this is out of gear? if i blip the throttle, it eventually goes off. As ive mentioned, my car didnt have this problem before the replacement engine was fitted. the garage say that its the charcoal canister! I dont belive them! They have put the engine in with the inlet manifold attached. Could it be this, as they didn't fit my original one back on? A speedy response would be greatly appreciated from anyone with knowledge of what this might be. cheers Keith
  2. Thanks for the advise fella. All sorted. the garage finally saw sense (and my mad eyes!) and changed the ICV. Suprise - suprise, the problem ceased...
  3. thanks for the reply. If its the ICV; is it easy to change? Would this make the whistling / whining noise? It only happens when i 1st start the car up. Why would this be? Cheers peeps........