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  1. Hi has anyone fitted a bass box in there mk4 ford galaxy and if so do you have wiring diagram as I would like to fit a bass box and amplifier in my galaxy.
  2. What belt have you changed. Mine done this and found out the altonator pully was gone. Changed the pully and hay presto quite as can be. Change the altonator puuly and you will be all good. Let me know how it went
  3. Your lucky I have been calling my local ford dealer who is woodford ford and they keep telling me someone will call me back to book it in and yest nothing. Its been a month and my car is now making a squeaking sound which may have somthing to do with this bolt as I hear that once it starts to go the steering goes funny and you get squeaks from rear which my car is now doing
  4. What you should do is start the car up and open the rad bottle. Turn on all the heater to hot including the rear blowers and then fill the water up. There probably is a air lock in the system and thats why it the temp goes over half. Try it and let me know
  5. My 2016 ford galaxy has started to squeak like mad from rear drivers side even when driving straight and at low and high speed anyone had the same problem and did you sort it out. Please help
  6. I have a 2016 ford galaxy diesel and it has started to make a squeaking sound from right rear and I have changed shock and upper control arm but the sound is still there. Any ideas and does anyone have a rear suspension diagram please. Or any ideas on how to fix
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