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  1. Happy Birthday wolfiecullen!

  2. Whining / Droning Noise When Driving

    Thanks for all your help. My friend's now thinking of trading it in as she fancies a change of car, so probably won't get it sorted before she gets rid.
  3. A Few Mk6 Questions

    The gearknob question - the gearknob just unscrews from the gear lever, no little screw to undo first. The lights - I believe the fronts are a straight swap, the rears you need to find a set of Lexus light looms or chop the fitted looms and swap wires around (which is a pain in the proverbial to do and screws up your chance of an easy swap back to standard lights) Hope this helps. B)
  4. Whining / Droning Noise When Driving

    Thanks H3lly Will tell her 2moro and get her to have it checked. Something important like power steering needs to be checked as soon as poss doesn't it to avoid any possible accidents. Thanks again. :D
  5. Whining / Droning Noise When Driving

    Thanks. I'll let her know tomorrow.
  6. Whining / Droning Noise When Driving

    As far as I know it's only whilst driving, but I will check with her tomorrow. She's had the brakes done with new pads and disks all round. Thanks for your help and I'll get her to have the wheel arches checked like you said.
  7. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could help. A friend of mine has a 2004 Focus 1.6 petrol, and it's making a whining / droning noise while driving. It doesn't happen when the engine is cold but after driving a couple of miles and the car has warmed up it makes the noise. The pitch of the noise rises and falls with the revs. She's had the wheel bearings replaced, the brakes replaced all round, the drive shafts and universal joints checked and the suspension checked and is getting fed up with the noise. Any advice that anyone can offer will be gratefully received. Thanks.
  8. Do You Own One Of These

    Absolutely brilliant. Even the gf thought it was hilarious!!
  9. Door Trim?

    That's correct about it being a Mk6. Do you mean the plastic trim at the front edge of the rear door, where the front and rear doors meet in the middle of the car? If so the trim part is the one that goes the full height of the window and is roughly rectangular in shape. It's quite common for these to come off on the Mk 6 (my 2002 1.4 diesel only has 1 of the 4 original trim pieces still on the car). This part is a Ford Fiesta MK6 R/Hand Rear Door Moulding, Part Number 1473675 and I got mine from my local ford dealer at about £18 each new. The worst part about fitting them is getting the old clips off the car to clip the new part on. Also, they are only supplied in a black grainy finish so no worries about colour matching. Hope this helps. :D
  10. Auto Door Locking?

    Just tried this on my Mk6 1.4 TDCi but didn't work, no beeps at all. Will have another try later.
  11. Ford Start

    I wonder if the alloys on the Ford Smart would fit a Mk6 Fiesta??
  12. Mk7 Headlights On Mk6 Car

    Thanks all for your help. I'll have a look to see how much as set of front and rear Mk6.5 lights will set me back.
  13. is enjoying driving his new Fiesta.

  14. New Member

    Mine was only a 1.6 LX Xsara, had it for nearly 2 years. Funny thing is, the refund of 4 months tax on the Xsara (£50) is more than the tax for a year on the Fiesta (£35)!!