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  1. Hi all I got me self this Mk2 1.8 Mondeo a few week ago now. Its a 200 Xreg. Done 105 though and was needed as some dummy ran in the back of me, writing my old car off. So far I have had to replace the clutch and both seals on the thermostat housing as it was leaking water. I,ve been using the car daily to travel 10 miles to work and back as well as running the kids about and, to be honest I like it. Now I know you will all think I'm mad but, I noticed the rear discs looked a bit worn so I went out and got a Pair+pads. Since then I have noticed a rear drop link missing and a broken front spring and will be replacing them next weekend. My missus is going spare but I say I cant stop now cos I already spent money on it.lol. I recon that that by the time I scrap it I will of spent enogh on it to of bought a new One lol
  2. Noisy Groaning/creaking Steering

    Hi dont know if this is any use to you but my Mondeo is sufferin a groaning creeking and weird rattle on the steering. I have found the cause to be a broken spring. Rob
  3. Hi if you're doing something like this for the first time a Haynes manual would be handy. At least you will have pictures and step by step instructions and they tell you what tools you will need etc. Good luck Wiffa
  4. Expensive

    Sounds like what I call I Friday car. Chucked togather in a rush. Seriously though mileage is nothing to go by. Cars same as us, all basicly made the same but all develope faults along the way, some minor some critical. Some caused by abuse or bad maintenance. Like us our cars are just a heart beat away from the scrap yard. Wiffa
  5. Hi just had new clutch fitted to 1.8 Mondeo. Problem is the dummys who fitted it neglected to fit the new concentric slave cylinder and refitted the old 1. Will this cause problems and do any of you think I may have the right to ask them to fit the new part at there expence as it was supplied to be fitted? Wiffa
  6. New Member

    Him8 we have something in common. I just replaced my written off VTS Xsara with a Ford 2 lol Wiffa
  7. Hi all am new here but thought I would share a recent experience with you all and hopefuly get some opinions. I recently purchased my 2000 X reg 1.8 lx Mondeo via Ebay. car looked good and was,nt a million miles away so put last second bid on it and won. drove it dack to find clutch slipping ha ha . Priced the job up at the locals but decided to get clutch kit my self and save a few quid. Got a local garage to fit it( they are attached to Smithsons in Normacott) Anyway left them the kit includung Concentric slave cylinder in a box on back seat and went about my day. On return I paid the man and went to get me car. The box was still on the back seat and in it was the Cylinder. I took it to the so called mechanic who said oh, we did'nt see that and, it wont matter as they never fail anyway and if it does we will fit you a new 1. I have worked on cars and trucks all my life and have nevere fitted a clutch to anything unless it has been complete. I feel I am heading for problems at great expence? Am I right? Rob