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  1. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    I had the Mountune MP215 upgrade done on the car last Tuesday. No problems with lag or power. Very happy with it. Not heard anything else about bluefin
  2. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    At the end of last week they were working on a 4th file as they were aware of the issues. Would be interesting to know if anyone has that file on their car yet & how it is performing?
  3. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    No worries, happy to pass on information so people can make informed choices. No hidden agendas or bias, just happy to help :)
  4. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    Unfortunately, it would appear they haven't :( funkylad PMed me Also from FiestaSTOC I was on the verge of buying another bluefin myself if this had been sorted. However, I am no longer considering it.
  5. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    Just to update this Superchips have updated the file for the bluefin & feedback is good from a Finsport Customer over on FiestaST OC
  6. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    just had the following from the company who did the dyno runs
  7. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    Or wait for the Mountune version?
  8. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    thanks will wait for Superchips feedback tomorrow & update the thread when I get time :)
  9. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    I only have 7 days to return the bluefin for a refund if I am not happy with it & don't have time to do another 800 miles before Wednesday :D
  10. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    200 miles :) Got it last Wednesday
  11. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    I thought the only difference between the superchips & bluefin was that the bluefin is DIY? No they only gave me the flywheel one that i scanned. I have emailed Superchips & the reseller a scan of the results & have asked for a refund under the superchips 7 day no quibble guarantee
  12. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    I got the second remap from them & put it on. No more problems with lag or delay. I went to get a rolling road done on the car before & after remap. Results :
  13. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    So it took a while for them to send it out to you then? I am still within my 7 day no quibble return period which I would imagine means from when I activated it last Wednesday. Can you remember the chap you spoke to who went through the remap with a fine toothcomb & could you PM me any details that could identify you to them so that might speed things along for me? Thanks :)
  14. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    I phoned them before 9 this morning & explained the situation. The guy I spoke to hadn't heard anything about it. He said he would put in a request for the updated remap for me. Nothing yet. Just wondering is the updated remap you got the same power figures? Wondering if they had to back it off a bit due to the issue you & I found? I really want to get mine done asap so I can get a dyno run done on it
  15. Fiesta St With Bluefin Remap

    I will do thanks again