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  1. Timing Belt Change

    Cheers mate. I've asked one of the lads at work to do it for me and he will do it for much less than Kwikfit! So just need to get a belt and tensioner sorted out now.
  2. Timing Belt Change

    Hello folks, had my car in for it's MOT on Saturday there and luckily it didn't need too much However, one of the advisory notes was that I should get the timing belt done, so have a wee question. I've been quoted £185 from Kwik-fit for it, but I work for a haulage company so I can probably get one of the lads in the workshop to do it for me if I buy the parts myself. Is there any particular make of belt that anybody would recommend? Oh, my car only has 55k on it, is this the usual sort of milage that the timing belt should be done at? My car is a MK1, the 1.6 Zetec model.
  3. Bumper And Badge Help

    Managed to get this done without to much bother. The rubber strip just clipped off the old bumper and then back onto the new one with a wee bit of jiggerypokery, so happy days. :D
  4. Bumper And Badge Help

    Thanks for the reply artscot. When I say it didn't have a swivel badge, I mean the original one had fallen off by the time I got the car. I had a quick look at the rubber bit on the bumper yesterday and I get the feeling it might be bonded on, won't know until I take the bumper off I suppose which I will be doing on Saturday. It's not a big deal really, just think it might look a bit daft without it. The replacement bumper I've bought hasn't got one on it so just thought I'd ask. Anyway, I'll take a pic of my car and post it the morra :D
  5. Bumper And Badge Help

    Hello folks, I'm new to the forum and need help on a couple of things. I'm just about to replace the front bumper on my Focus (MK1) after a wee bump and I've noticed that my replacement one doesn't have the small rubber strip on the botton like my original one does - I assume this is some kind of scuff guard? Anyway, was just wondering if it's possible to take the one from my original bumper and stick it on the new one? If it is possible, any tips on how to do it? Also, my car never had the swivel badge on the front when I bought it, I now have a replacement so again just need some instructions on how to fit it on correctly. Any help would be great, thanks :)