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  1. Mondeo St Tdci

    Hi I'm thinking of buying an ST TDCi and was wondering what the pro's & con's of the car are? I had an ST as a hire car for a weekend, every impressive especially on the motorway, only problem was with the clutch in traffic, I found it hard to find the biting point on occasion. The cars I will be looking at have done around 60-80,000 miles. Thanks Rob
  2. Focus 2.0I Zetec Esp Engine Problems

    It was the cam belt tensioner that had failed on my car and caused the belt to jump moving the timing out. Luckily no damage to the valves or anything else. Phew Rob
  3. Hi, I've got two problems with the engine on my Focus and looking for help and advice. Its a 2.0i Zetec esp petrol with 96000 miles. First problem is that when starting the engine fires but won't tickover and stalls unless the throttle is slightly depressed, and I need to keep the throttle open slightly even once the engine is warm otherwise the engine cuts out, and when driving it feels like the car is being held back. However once I have driven the car for about 8 miles I get a sudden burst of power and everything seems fine except that if I come to a stop, the revs flare up dispite having taken my foot off the accelerator. The revs rise to 2500 to 4000 revs, stay there for a few seconds then drop back to a normal idle and everything is then fine. When driving I can take my foot off the accelerator and the engine revs dont drop. Second problem is that I had a water leak from the thermostat which I had repaired, but when I drove in traffic I had the smell of boiling water coming through the vents. Couldn't see any leaks anywhere, then got stuck behind a tractor going up a very steel hill at 2 mph, so was on and off the throttle. Once I got past and drove for a few miles, I tried to accelerate from traffic lights and the engine started to stall, I dipped the clutch and gave the engine some revs and it kept going, but whenever I changed gear or let the revs drop then tried to accelerate, it would take 2-3 seconds to get any power from the engine, and just didn't have any acceleration. I nursed it home and left it overnight but when starting all I got was the starter motor spinning. I called the rac who did a compression test and the readings on all cylinders was 4-5 on his gauge. Would this be the head gasket that has failed or something else? Also another minor problem is that the fan to blow air into the car only works on the highest position (4) and none of the other positions. Is this a fuse problem. Thanks in advance for any help. Rob