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    newbie knowledge cram.

    ok cheers but what i was really hoping to use was a 2litre 16v fomr a mondeo or such like, as these are cheaper lumps and im always on a budget, plus even the frp puma engines take a fair bit work to get anywhere near the power im looking at, where as i allready have a few bits for a zetec 2litre engine, such as a bike carb conversion manifold, a 4 branch echaust ect, what sort of similarities do these engines have to the puma blocks?
  2. sammyt002

    rear suspension

    sounds like that the top mount rubbers ( on the underside of the stur top) have seen their day, it happend on my polo, the fronts were about 1/4 inch from the top, i replaced the machpherson strut top rubbers and theyre fine now, the fronts usually have bearings in them so these may be worn aswell.
  3. ok hey guys im a newbie here, i dont actually own a ka yet, but i do have my eye out for one, basically being a bit of a petrol head im in search for something a little bit different, i know conversions have been done to extremes on the little hatch but im lookig for information on engines, suspension setups and anything else i should know about doing a conversion on a ka, which engines will go in with a slight bit of shoehorning, nothing stupid, i dont mind changing a mount or 2, but i dont want to have to spend £100's of pounds on fabricating new chasis legs ect, i know that its never going to be easy putting something big in, and i did consider using my current engine from my fiesta but i dont feel it will give ,me that WOW factor im looking for, just by reshelling it. any help appreciated. :P sammyt002